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I went to the doctors yesterday (15th) and was prescribed with Antibiotics for my throat infection. I went home, and was unable to take any as everytime i tried putting it anywhere near my mough, i threw up.

I can manage with Nurofen Melters (200mg ibuprofen that melts on your tounge) to numb the pain, but now im getting syptoms of tonsillitis, such as white spots, very difficult to swallow, tonsils are swollen.

Im unble to gargle anything, such as warm, salty water, or even a bit of Tea (which soothes it for a couple of seconds). I know its gunna get worse if i dont take the tablets, but no matter how hard i try, i cant get it anywhere near my mouth, whole or crushed.

Ive tried crushing the tablet, and sprinkling it onto a spoon with some tea or something on it, again, couldnt get it anywhere near me.

Can you get antibiotics in liquid form? And if you can, would it be a good idea to visit the same GP who prescribed me for the tablets, and tell them whats happening?

This is annoying me now, ive had the throat infection since 13th but i cant get rid of it :-(


I just had tonsillitis about a month ago. I have a very bad gag reflex and could hardly choke down a tyonal before getting sick, but there was no way I could swallow the antibiotics. I opted for two shots instead. Ask for a shot, and maybe ask about going back for another is your not getting better fast enough.

Your throwing up before even getting the pills in your mouth? What for? There's nothing to trigger your gag reflex. Maybe your psyching yourself out. Whatever it is, something weird's going on if having nothing in your mouth makes you throw up.