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Hey everyone. How are you doing?

I need to ask you a few things. My best friend’s cat was diagnosed with arthritis. I know that there has to be some type of arthritis because I was reading a little bit about it, but she doesn’t know. I really want to help her because that cat was a gift from her brother when he was moving to another country and I know that this cat means a lot to her.

Can you tell me what are types of cat’s arthritis and can you suggest some pain relief options?

Thank you so much! 


Hello there :)

I hope that you are doing fine.

There are several types of arthritis in cats.

  • progressive polyarthritis
  • Arthritis caused by calicivirus infection
  • And Bacterial arthritis.

When we are talking about progressive polyarthritis I need to tell you that this one needs to be cured quickly because when it comes to progressive polyarthritis – there is no cure of it. Even if your vet prescribe you strong combinations of medications which can suppress the immune systems, many cats can be in extreme pain.

I am not sure about other treatments but I know that your vet needs to determine which arthritis is in your cat. This is the only way to give your cat a proper treatment.



Hey Millie,

I wanted to write the exact same thing as Love is pet wrote about the types of arthritis and she is right, there are three types of arthritis and they are the ones that she wrote.

Now, arthritis cannot be healed, that's the bad side of it. It usually hurts like hell so her cat might have to use pain killers for a long period of time.

I can't tell you about medications that she can use to kill the pain, but even if I could, she shouldn't give them to her cat without a consult with her vet. He always knows the best.



Hey everyone,

I agree, arthritis is an evil disease. Very painful, it's just a horrible thing.

Anyway, you are right, Love is pet, about the types of arthritis in cats, although there is one more called diabetes mellitus, Well, the opinions are divided on this one, some people call it a disorder of the nerves, and some people think that it's a joint problem.

Other than medications, I heard that a proper use of nutritional supplements could help to replenish cat's cartilage. Now I never tried this so I don't know this for sure, I found it somewhere on the internet, I guess it's worth a shot. :)



Hi guys,

The treatments are the same for arthritis whatever the type is. It is just that, if it is caused by a calicivirus infection, other than arthritis, you will have to treat that, too. Which is not good, since calicivirus is deadly.

Pain killer medications are playing the most important role in the treatment of arthritis. It's very important that she shows her cat that she isn't fighting this disease alone. They both need to keep thinking positively. 

If her cat has a few extra pounds, I'd suggest that she finds a way for her cat to lose some weight: it can help with this disease.



Hello. Well, it seems that we do know the types of arthritis. About the treatment – it is pretty much the same for every time. Maybe there is a little difference from type to type but it is not that significant. It is important that your vet determines the best treatment options because it is very hard and bad disease and you need to have a lot of patience with your cat in this process. You should be aware that this is not easy for your cat but you need to give her your whole support. Exercise with your cat, feed her right… Good luck!



Hi guys. Thank you very much for your answers.

My friend was with me today and she told me that her cat was diagnosed with progressive polyarthritis.


So far I didn’t know anything about this but I will try to find as much as I can to help her.

She told me that she visited her vet today and that he gave some medications to her cat.

But it seems to her that she is not reacting that good on those medications. She is trying to put them into the food, but still - nothing.

Do you know any other treatment?


Thank you!



Hey guys,

There are no other treatments, Millie cat. She needs to find the way to make the cat take the medication. It's only painkillers, but the secondary option that she has are any other painkiller medications, which makes it the same.

Her cat needs to walk every day so she can have at least some sort of exercise. Her condition will only get worse by time so at some point she will probably stop to run and jump because it will be too painful. 

The only way to treat this is to make her feel less pain. That's why the painkillers are the only option.


Good day everyone.

Look, Millie I am really sorry for this cat but there is no treatment for this. Of course, there are some medications for any type of arthritis in cat, but you can’t heal your cat.

Painkillers and antibiotics will help this cat to be less aggressive and to be without pain, but it won’t heal her.

Some good exercise can help with pain as well. You should seek for the best ones when your cat is having problems with arthritis.


This is very bad disease and it is a torture to cats. Treatment for every type is usually the same.