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Im a student and cant really afford to go to the doctors, but my vagina has started itching the past few days and now its peeling.

The last time I had sex was about a month and a half ago.

One morning I woke up and it must have gotten so itchy I had itched it in my sleep and I made it bleed.
irritation kept up for a bit, but I made sure I didnt scratch it, starting wearing no underwear at home to make sure it wasnt my clothes. Its died off a little since then, BUT THEN today It started peeling and I looked at it with a mirror and the skin has gone all flakey and peely. Its not dry skin, its smooth and it doesnt hurt.

I really dont know what to do?


you could have a yeast infection. they do have test you can by at the drug stores (wolly world) to see if have one and then meds to treat it. eating yogurt is also a good way to help regulate the yeast in our bodies.