This isn't to get answers more to give advice in case it helps someone else.

Recently I noticed I had a wart appear on my eyelid, known as a filiform wart, I hated it being there as it seemed to just appear out of nowhere, so searched online for the best thing to do. Some suggested freezing it, even surgical removal but then I noticed someone say if you can stop the air getting to it you can stop the growth and it will die. 

In certain areas you could use a plaster to stop the air reaching it but you can't do that with an eyelid.

So I carefully applied some clear nail varnish/polish, in a matter of hours it had turned black. I applied another layer. Later that evening I noticed the varnish was peeling off, so decided to do another coat but first thought I'd peel off what was loose, when I peeled it off, the wart came off too! 

No mark was left and it was painless, from the start of the varnish being applied to the wart falling off was no more than 24 hours. I truly couldn't believe it and I don't know if I was just lucky or this is a well known way of removal for eyelid warts but I would suggest anyone who has one to at least try this method first.