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I get these pimple/welts idk what they are around my buttocks area and thigh area near my vagina. They hurt when touched or rubbed. I pop them sometimes and at first puss comes out then blood. It looks like a bump on the skin but when you touch it it's like loose skin, also a pink red skin color. I would like to know what they are they please help.


How many of these are on your skin?  Is there over a dozen?  They may be infected hair follicles from the sound of it, however, if the sores are bigger than an actually pimple would be, then it could be some type of skin abscesses.  These are caused by tight fitting clothing that damage the hair follicles, shaving, and other things that can irritate the skin.  You can go to the doctor to see about getting an antibiotic that will help clear the skin problem up. Any that have much infection in them may be lanced to allow the pus to drain.  If you can figure out what is causing the skin irritation, you will be able to prevent this from happening again.