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Hello everyone.

 I need your help. My son is acting strange lately. He recently decided to eat very healthy. He also became a vegetarian (which I don’t really support since I’m afraid he will be lacking some important nutrients).  

He also started working out every day, sometimes twice daily.

Now he came up with the idea to follow Lemonade diet. Have you ever heard of it?

It is also called Master cleanse diet and it is very strict. Too strict if you ask me. I still hope he will give up on that idea.

Can somebody tell me what are the dangers of this diet?


Hi. Well even though Master Cleanse diet has many health benefits like detoxifying your organism and generally removing waste, it also has some minor and some major dangers.
If you ask me, that extreme diet regime can never be completely safe. First of all, by drinking special lemonade for days and taking laxatives, you are practically forcing your body to do things that are physically stressful for it. And it can be really stressful for your vital organs too. So, if I were you, I would tell him not to do this diet. I would never let my son do it.


I couldn’t agree more. I actually tried this diet but it was not for the cause of weight loss, it was because I had some health problems and I was hoping it will help me.

It has some obvious dangers that an average person can notice. This diet does not include eating proteins, like at all. So since you’re not taking any proteins you muscles cannot remain the same and soon you will be losing your muscle mass.

And I suppose we all know that one of the main muscles in our body is the heart muscle. Hope I said enough with this.