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I want to start following the Master cleanse lemonade diet. One friend of mine suggested me this diet because I need to lose extra pounds quickly. My boyfriend is coming from Australia and we booked an apartment near the sea. I want to look perfect but I have approximately 18 extra pounds.

This friend told me that this diet can help you to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. That is amazing and I don’t care how restrictive the diet is.

I need some more information because this friend told me only the basics. Do you know what is the proper way of following this diet?


Hello SabrinaD

Well, your friend is right. The lemonade diet (or master cleanse diet) is maybe the best diet in the world when it comes to losing pounds quickly.

The proper way of following it is to drink at least 6 lemonade mixtures every single day. Also, you need to drink salt water in the morning. Another thing you need to drink is natural herbal tea with laxative properties. As you may know, you mustn’t eat solid foods for those 10 days.

There is one thing you should know: this diet is not healthy at all in my opinion. I mean, losing the pounds so fast is too much stress for your body.



Hi everyone.

I will try to explain you the simplest way to follow lemonade diet. It is very important for you to know that you need to follow this diet for 10 days and then to STOP with it. You MUST let your body to relax for about a month. After that you can follow it again but also for only 10 days. This diet is very strict so it is very important to respect these rules. Now instructions for following the diet:

1. Start every morning with one glass of warm water with 2 teaspoons of salt.

2. Drink at least 6 lemonades throughout the day.

3. Every night drink a laxative herbal tea before you go to bed.



Thank you a lot guys. You are life savers. :)

I didn’t expect that somebody will answer me so fast. I believe, I am now 100 % prepared to start following the Master cleanse diet. I know how to follow it, I know the order of consuming those drinks and I know for how long I can follow it. 

I didn’t know that this diet is so restrictive but I think I will manage to follow it for 10 days. I was shocked at first when I read that I mustn’t eat anything solid for 10 days but I will try to do that. . I am hoping I will lose my extra pounds.