hi medic dan
this might be very stupid of me to keep asking u again and again but kindly hear me out... am i worrying unneccisarily?
as explanied to u earlier
1)my boyfriend did not ejaculate into me
2)also whenevr he was out he had his comdom on
3) even with the condom on we did not have penetrative sex it was just oral sex though i did not hav my clothes on
4)we had oral sex on the 15th of dec and i had the first day of my periods on the 9th of dec. was that my safe day?
5) also i have heard that the ovulation period or the fertile period can be estimated by counting backwards 12 - 16 days from my next due periods date(which is 23 dec in my case) , is it true?'
so from all the above mentioned facts do i have a chance of being pregnant?
thanx a lot for being so patient and hearing me out.... coz i am genuinly very tensed about this whole scenario...!!!!