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I'm only young and my mum thought they were verucca so she got bazuca that verruca. And they went away then 1yr later they came back! How do I get read of them 4good! Xx



If you don't get rid of the virus all together, it will come back.  There are many over the counter remedies but many of them don't work or are very painful to use.  Some use strong acids that can burn your skin.  For that reason I suggest H-Wart.  A lot of people say they have had success with this product.  I have used a freeze wart remover to remove warts and they work well.  they just sting a bit as the infected area is frozen.  The only thing you might be concerned about is that these removers can leave scars behind expecially if the verucca is deep within the skin.  That usually depends on how large it is and how long it as been there.  Some of these freeze offs are expensive but well worth it if you're concerned about your veruccas spreading on your or to others.