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marijuana is a depressant that comes from the cannabis plant after it is dried up and mixed with hemp. witch is also used for making clothing such as shoes. van rastas are one of them. any ways marijuana is consider a class d drug because it really not harmful like tobbaco. marijuana was inport into the united state sometime during the war was used in tea then sombody got the idea to smoke it witch made it illegal because its effects on opinon is its your body so if riun it ruin it and have fun Y.O.L.O

 nobody really thinks its bad for you but if you really think about it what people do to it to make you feel the way you do it will change your mind. like really will you smoke somthing that changes you or makes you sleepy, instead of im fade it should bee OMG my god what is this i think im dying. you think it cool but you want kid and your having promblems that medicne can't fix dont be mad. i'm just stating the possablite of not have kids and having ytour grow up around it. :-):-|


True  I agree.