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blepharoplasty (eye bags ) does any one know what causes this
and if thier is a way to get rid of them without spending thousands on surgery

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Hello there

First of all it is very important how old are you because woman can fight against everything except of age. Or better you can fight against age for some time but if you don’t want cosmetic surgery than it is very hard to maintain young look.

Bags under eyes are very common after age of 40 for most of the woman but sometimes this can appear during mid-twenties. You can try to reduce this condition by natural way and to avoid spending so much money on a cosmetic surgery but you can’t get rid of eye bags for good.

First you need to start with healthy diet and this means no alcohol at all. One of the causes of eye bags is retain of the water in your organism so you can improve this by increase the intake of water. Slices of cucumber and tea bags are also helpful if this is the cause. So the best way to try to get rid of eye bags is to find out what is the cause. Good luck.