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I'm a few days away from my period and I've recently gained a few, I'm assuming pimples, "down there". They are on the top inside part of the outer lips.

My discharge isn't irregular for me, I tend to get a bit yeasty just before my period. However, I am slightly, very lightly, itchy down there. It is not unbearable, and seems to be more so because of the change in my PH levels down there, which I've had before. The bumps themselves aren't itchy (aside from the two I scratched/attempted to pop).

I noticed one bump early in the day, and thought nothing of it. But I did scratch it to see if I could pop it (I know, bad idea), but it doesn't really pop, no fluid or puss in it, well maybe they have it, but I didn't feel like trying too hard with something down there. Anyways, by the evening I had a few more on the inside of the other lip.

Today they don't look any worse and seem to be going down. I have been resisting trying to touch them. They are skin colour too.

I have gotten a pimple or two on occasion down there, but today there are quite a few, and beneath the skin too. They aren't clustered, they are sort of randomly spread?

I am also on birth control and am sexually active with one partner (who is my first), who is clean and we ALWAYS no matter what use a condom. There is no question about the use of condoms.

What is up with my body down there, and is there anything I can do?

Should I be concerned?

I have recently returned from university, so now being at home and still waiting for job responses, I've been sitting most of the day and eating much more sugar-based foods. I've been quite strict with myself with food while I was away from home. Could my activity level and sudden increase in my sugar intake be a factor?

I don't think I have herpes, but I still can't help but be scared. I do not have the herpes symptoms such as fever and pain (aside from the soreness comparable to the one you get from touching pimples beneath the surface of your skin on your face). Although, symptoms to vary.

Apparently the first break out of herpes is also the worst, which if I did have it, wouldn't it be this horrible experience?

I've also heard herpes may not show up for years, and I've only started having sex this year, with one partner who was clean, and that when you do get an outbreak that's visible, it lasts for up to 20 days?

and i've looked up pictures but they aren't very good ones since most picture I could find were of one single bump, which doesn't look like what I have, and extreme and severe cases. They aren't exactly a close comparison when I've only got a few skin coloured under the skin pimple-like bumps, and the pictures I found are of these extremely gross... things.

One had a white head, but it disappeared.

I do shave down there, and my hair was growing in at the time, but a bit on the long side. I've kept myself groomed down there all year, so maybe letting it grow in and sitting down most of the day could have caused irritation?

Any suggestions and possible information you can provide for me? I know down there there are many pores, could this just be because of my change in my daily routine, hormones, etc?

I already realize I should go to the doctor to just be sure, but right now, my family doctor isn't available (gone all next week and office is closed weekends), so until I can book an appointment, I would like some information.

Are these bumps from the hormonal changes/ph balance, even though I'm on the pill? From shaving? There are about 5 of them and maybe the size of regular facial underneath the skin pimples, like, smaller then a pea. Anything else?

Thank you for any help and information.


....Sooo.. Did u ever find out?? ...I have the same thing and I am really worried:/

And I'm really scared to tell my mom n her think I've been messing around and lieing to her:( ...any suggestions???...



I get the same thing, and my doctor told me that they are basically just pimples, which is why they arrive right around my period or if I'm very stressed out. They're pretty common, most women get them at least once during their lives.