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Hi, I am new to this forum, but after stumbling across it on an internet search of my symptoms and seening how helpful and nice everyone was I decided to see if anyone has any ideas about my symptoms..

First, some background info: ( I know it's long, but I'm trying to be thorough)

From the time I was 16-29 I was Bulimic. At it's worst I was bingeing/purging 3 times a day, and at it's best which was during my 3 pregnancies, I didn't do it at all. I am now 41 and had any bingeing/purging episodes for 12 years. I am currently about 30 pounds overweight and other than cleaning the house and yardwork in the summer, I would say that I'm pretty sedentary. I've suffered from daily acid reflux for several years, but otherwise considered myself to be in ok health. About 3 weeks ago, in an effort to be healthier, I gave up all soda, caffeine and chocolate. For the past 10 years up until that time I was ingesting about 2L of diet coke daily, with the only water consumption being a sip to take a daily allergy (Allegra) pill. BAD, I know!! I am now drinking about 50 fl oz of filtered water daily along with a couple cups of caffeine free herbal tea with my total water consuption being about 70 fl oz daily.

I have been a vegetarian for about 7 years. I don't eat red meat, pork, lamb, chicken, eggs etc... in the past 6 months I have given up fish/seafood entirely except for shrimp on occasion. I occasionally eat ice cream and I do eat cheeses.

Here's the thing, since giving up soda, caffeine and chocolate 3 weeks ago and drinking more water I have started feeling like total c**p! About a week ago I began to have a feeling of heaviness in the area of my breast bone, like there is a lump there that I can't feel from the outside and it is the same when standing up or lying down. I also have the feeling that I cannot get a full breath of air into my lungs. When I can't take a deep breath, I end up yawning, which helps for a minute or two, but then the feeling of not being able to get adequate air returns, and I have to yawn again. I am not sleepy, It just seems like the only way I can get enough air into my lungs. Along with that is a feeling of fullness even when I haven't had much to eat or drink. My upper stomach (above my belly button) is distended. I laid on my back and pushed on my upper and lower abdomen, and I really don't feel pain anywhere, just the discomfort from my stomach being distended. I have begun belching alot more recently, which I have to stand up or sit up straight to do or else I will burp up little bits of food and burning acid. My bowel movements really haven't changed at all, sometimes they are loose, sometimes not. I'm not feeling gassy either. I am not really nauseous or vomiting at all. When these symptoms first began a week ago I had an extreme lack of appetite for about 3 days, with a moment of nausea at the thought of food. That feeling has passed and I do feel hungry at times again, but nowhere near the appetite I had for food before. I kind of dread eating because I feel worse when I do. I'm just always aware of my stomach being uncomfortably bloated. I have felt generally fatigued lately as well. I can function and get day to day things done, go to work, take care of house, dogs, etc. I'm not falling asleep during the day, I just am lacking energy to do anything extra.

The internet has been kind of a curse since I'm now certain that I have gastric cancer, Gastropareisis, crohns, scleroderma, pancreatitis, colon cancer, etc, etc...

I have an appointment set up with my gp but any advice from this forum would also be welcome. I'm doing my best not to totally lose my mind worrying, but it's been kind of difficult. Thank you to anyone who replies!!


looks like someone answered your question here


Hi, I have been having similar symptoms minus a few for about 2 weeks now and wanted to know if you've seen a doctor yet. If so, did they give you a legit diagnosis? I went on Thursday and was told that I have GERDS- not sure how that is since the heartburn that I have is minimum. Any information is appreciated. I've been going crazy diagnosing myself!



First off, please try not to panic and think of the worst case scenario. After all, being a bulimic is extremely hard on the body not to mention your entire GI tract. Go through this check list and I'll just bet that you can pretty much check most if not all of them.
While not all signs of enzyme deficiency are obvious, the following symptoms can be considered early warning signs:

■Disturbed Digestion
■Weight Problems
■Low Energy
■Slow to Heal
■Excessive Aging
■Stomach Upset
■Slow Recovery
While I'm not a doctor, I have experienced pretty much all of these symptoms at one time or another throughout my life. In my opinion, your body is in desparate need of digestive enzymes that were depleted through the repeated eating/purging cycles. Digestive enzymes can be purchased at any health food store or online for a reasonably low price and the sooner the better. These enzymes coupled with a whole/natural food diet will work wonders on your long hard road to recovery. During these times of suffering you should do as much as possible to help your GI system with that which it cannot do by itself or at least right now. Your blender/food processor will become your closest companion. Puree everthing that goes into your mouth and stay away from all foods that will upset the stomach and cause inflammation of the GI tract, which is what is probably going on now. This along with the digestive enzymes will help to nurse you back to health. Don't forget the universal solvent - WATER! and lots of it. With all of the bloating of the GI tract it's no wonder that you're unable to take a complete and satisfying deep breathe. Please keep us posted on any progress and further developments.
Good Luck and the Best of Health!


I have had the exactly same symotoms from the past 2 years. Have you had any luck yet. I have been feeling relieved after taking 40mg of omiprazole every day. It's almost instant and took me a year to figure out that acid reflux is the culprit because obviously you don't want to connect acidity with breathing. I didn't instantly feel better but only after a week or 10 days did my breathing become normal again. And evendors now if I get 10 minutes late from having omiprazole at my usual time the feeling starts to kick in. Let me know what you did and how you are feeling now. I would really appreciate it


Omeprazole (OTC; brand names: Gasec, Losec, Prilosec, Zegerid, ocid, Lomac, Omepral, Omez, Omepep, UlcerGard, GastroGard, Altosec) are what is known as 'Proton Pump Inhibitors'. The mechanism by which this drug and its derivatives act is quite complicated, but put into simplest terms, the drug targets specific enzymes and inhibits their actions. Although, this can aid the stomach in the healing of ulcers and reduce pain from indigestion and heartburn, it is only recommended for short term use. Long term studies and the effects have not, as of yet been undertaken. I believe that this, as with many pharmaceutical drugs on the market, treat only the symptoms and are not meant form long term use. The goal is to restore the body and its chemical actions back to the normal state (i.e. - without the use of drugs). In comes kefir. Listen closely.
Milk based kefir is like yogurt on steroids. While yogurt is a good probiotic, kefir offers so much more in the way of active enzymes, cultures, good bacteria etc. Daily intake of kefir will help your entire GI tract heal and let nature take its course without doing any harm to the body. Most kefir usually contains the following beneficial bacteria not commonly found in yogurt:
Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, Streptococcus species - just to name a few - and also contains beneficial yeasts, which takeover and eliminate harmful yeasts (candida etc). The good flora colonizes inside the gut where 80% of your immune system resides. Again, we're back to the enzymes doing their thing in the body like they're supposed to and not blocking certain enzymes from doing their job like Omeprazole. If you do decide to give kefir a try then please allow me to make some recommendations. Kefir is available in most supermarkets and comes in a variety of flavors and sizes. Purchase a smaller size and try it to see if you like it and more importantly, if it makes a difference in your health. If you are both in agreement with each other - and I talk about kefir as if it were alive, that's because IT IS ALIVE! literally - then you can do some online research and buy a kefir kit. These starter kits include everything that you'll need to make your own kefir at home and much more economically. So, give it a try and let us know the results. The best of health as always.


I am bulimic as well and have been feeling the weird breathing effects. Almost like I'm in a high altitude. I workout a lot too, and I do weights and HIIT, could all of these be effecting the breathing problem?