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I am 30 years of age and have never been pregnant. My husband and I have started trying for a baby, started follic acid and maternity vitamins 2 mths ago. My periods are always regular (average 28 day cycle). I don't take any form of contraception, and never have (only had one partner). I had my yearly pap test last year and gyno said everything was clear. My last period started on the 19th April and was normal but then on the 29th i started to have bleeding only for a few hours and then it turned to creamy pink discharge with a weird smell and contined until the 9th of May when i started bleeding again, light cramps and quite heavy with lots of lining inside it. My next period is due on the 19th of May so if this continues i will have had this problem for a whole month. My breasts have been swollen and sore the whole time and this is not a normal period symtom for me. What could this be? I have an gyn apt next week but cant wait any longer. Can anyone please help?


If you could be pregnant, it is important to look at the symptoms of implantation. Implantation bleeding or period, spotting or implantation. Implantation and implantation bleeding usually happen about a week after ovulation and fertilization when the fertilized egg which immediately after fertilization is called the "zygote" and then becomes the "blastocyst" or "blastula" arrives in the uterus.

Signs of implantation or possible pregnancy include:

Implantation cramps: small cramps inside the uterus
Implantation spotting or bleeding: Short brief spotting (a couple of drops of light or dark blood)
A second temperature shift on the temperature curve
A temperature dip at about seven to ten days after ovulation


thank you very much for your advice!

I went to the gyno and it turns out I have polycystic ovaries which is a result of stress as i've never had them before. He told me to take a pregnancy test to check if I was pregnant and it was a miscarriage, if not, then the abnormality is due to my poly. ovaries. Took a pregnancy test and its negative, so i have to reduce my stress levels!

Thanks again for your feedback.