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I love my alcohol but I am type 1 diabetic.  I keep having high blood sugar when I go out to drink with my buddies.  It is causing problems with my keeping control on my blood sugars.  I want to get them under control but I don't want to give up my nights with my friends.  They are the only people I get to hang out with, plus they give me a hard time if I don't go out with them.  I hate to order pop when I am with them because I feel like I am not part of the group if I don't order liquor or something.  So I am wondering about how do I keep my blood sugars down while drinking?  shoould I take extra insulin to counteract it?  I haven't been diabetic very long, about May 2013 when I was diagnosed after having blurry vision at work and went to be seen and found out I was type 1.  Any help with this would be great!


I would suggest that you take about half of your carb units that you eat for dinner and use them for when you go out.  You can have 30 grams of carbohydrates you can use for snacks and drinks.  You should opt for snacks with protein like nuts to keep your blood glucose level.  When you drink, you can order mixed drinks like diet cola and rum for example.  There are low-carb beers on the market which would allow you to stretch your carb budget for the night.  It will depend on your tastes.  Stay away from sweet wine or vermouth because they are higher in carbs.  Distilled spirits tend to be lower in carbs and beer is around 15 grams of carbs per serving.  Start off slow until you know what will not affect your blood sugar.