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okay. the only reason im asking this is to settle my mind and to get a second opinion. any responses coming back telling me im stupid or whatever will be completely unwanted because i am very serious. i have been looking to much into this and thinking i might be pregnant but i do not know. i had sex the 20 of november. my period usually starts the first of each month but came around the 23-25. i looked online for having two periods in one month and about 80 percent of the responces came back that i could be pregnant. thats when i started freaking out about this. so i took a test, still on my period and it came back negative. so i thougth i was good. i got super drunk december 20 for my first time and after that i started feeling funny like pregnancy syptoms. idk if that was becasue i got drunk or i am pregnant. the thing that was weirder is that i got my period again.... this time it came lgihter and stopped bleeding or it would be really heavy and brown and sometimes blood wouldnt be on my pad it would only be there if i wiped. now i read online sometimes this happens so that is why i still am kinda freaking out and even though i am still bleeding a little i took a test anyway and it was negative. some people said they took up to 10 negative test but still came out preggo. my symptoms have been my body aching, tender breasts, tired, dizzyness, and wanting to puke and sometimes when i eat i wanna puke. idk if that is still symptoms of getting super drunk or i am having pregnancy symptoms or if it is all in my head. any advice will be greatly appreciated and only serious answers please. i am aware this isnt the smartest question but i am worried somehting could be wrong or i am preggo. im pretty sure im not but just would like some other views to straighten my mind out.

i should also mention i was getting cramps. and when i am on my period i usaually NEVER get any cramps, tender breasts, or mood swings!!! so idk...and i have had some lower back pain but dont know if thats my mind playing tricks or real.



Hey, you're not stupid at all. It's completely normal to be worried, and it sounds like your body has been behaving really weirdly lately on top of all of that. I'd be worried too, and I have been there, if I were in your shoes! 

You sometimes read about those cases of women who didn't know they were pregnant until they were ready to give birth, and some of them say that they had regular "periods" throughout the whole time. I am not sure how true that is or if the bleeding is just caused by something else, but you have textbook pregnancy signs. 

You also know what I am going to say next though. If your body just isn't giving you positive pregnancy tests, which happens believe it or not, please go and get an ultrasound. That way, your mind will be at peace one way or another, and you can say, I'm pregnant or I'm not pregnant rather than wondering, am I pregnant or not?