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im a 15 year old male and i would b intersted in trying anal masturbation...
the problem is that i dont have any lube and
i dont have the balls the go to the store and buy some :-D
but ive been reading some forums and people say that cooking oil works, but some people say it could be dangerous...

so... is it dangerous if i try anal masturbation using cooking oil as lube?

sorry for my bad engrish : >


asstroglide is the number one gay guy perfered lube for anal penatration my gay friends say its the best for both men and wemon


I second Astroglide.
KY works too. Some surgeons use it in tracheal small surgery.
Don't even try improvised substances. Try benzenes if you're feeling like a week in the hospital with tubes in you. ER ain't fun. It's painfull.
Unlike the vagina, which is naturally adapted for such tribulation, the anus and rectum will allmost allways get microfissures.
That's where chemicals and bugs can pass the barrier of the skin straight into the sensitive, blood irrigated tissue beneath.
The microfissures don't hurt and, unless you are very unlucky and get some weird bacteria from your fingers, toy, partner's penis or even your own feces if you happen to eat unwashed foods such as fruit, veggies and especially sunflower seed shells (look at one under strong magnifier and you'll see), you have nothing to be concerned about. Some bugs can survive the chlorchydric acid of the stomach, albeit they're very few.
Don't worry !
Washed hands, cleansed toys and the right partner, plus the right lube and you can go wild with the brown eye all you want.
Oils are strangers to the rectum.
Don't even get me started on creams or other screwy inventions.
I'd avoid silicone based lubes in the back. The syntethyc (although completely neutral) silicone tends to prolong the healing duration of fissures. The body can't manage it.
Please take it easy with the prostate fumbling. It is not designed to be handled and you can get in a world of trouble if you rough it up.
Penis is pretty safe, so are soft toys. Hard ones and fingers do the damage. And it's usually difficult to heal.
If stranded on an island, go with a simple glycerin-based non-greasy hand lotion. The bit of alcohol in it might burn a little (microfissures) but some actually enjoy this extra spice. Plus, alcohol does get absorbed in the blood stream this way and it does not stink your breath like this. Didn't know that, I'll bet.
For the love of Eros, keep away from any cleansing agents !!
No shampoos, hair balms, hair gels, tonic lotions, etc.
While they're relatively safe on the penis (big buzz-killers too), they can get really nasty with the sensitive lining of the rectum. Yes, it is more fragile than the vagina. And it does not have all those nice self-cleaning, self-balancing mechanisms the vagina has.
Basically, it is made only to pass relativelly soft and moist poop, slowly, one way.
You're using harsher stimulants (fingers are harsh), fast (and faster), any way it makes you feel good.
See the difference?
Good lube, sensible stimulation, quality toys, carefully chosen partner.
Go crazy with it !