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My friend Starla, from Louisiana, is celebrating 20 anniversary with her husband. She invited me and my family to this amazing event. Now, this is far away from the place where I live, but I think that I will be able to go there. I really want that.

So, we were talking yesterday, and she told me that the next day, after their anniversary, she will take me at aspen clinic. Amazing treat, right?

I know how expensive can it be, but I also know that is really rich, and one treatment for me in the aspen clinic can’t be any problem. Shi is there every month.

What do you think about it?

Anyone here lost weight at aspen clinic?

Any information is helpful, because I need to admit that I am scared a little bit :) 


Hey there,

Amazing gift, I must say. Trust me, if you are not from Louisiana, you really won’t be able to have this chance very often. As far as I know, this is pretty expensive treatment. So, if you have  the chance, accept it. It won’t harm you at all :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t go there, I haven’t tried this, but my best friend has! She went there, and according to her blood test, they prescribe her some diet program. She is there every second month, because I believe that you need to maintain continuity in this. But, if you can’t, never mind :)

Take a chance.

Have a nice anniversary party :)   




I must admit that I am pretty, pretty jealous now! My dream is to visit aspen clinic, because I have heard all positive things about it, but I don’t have a chance, I don’t have a money for that trip and aspen clinic, and I don’t have a friend who would offer this to me. I have heard that they can help me understand why my weight doesn’t want to go off! It seems to me that I am just getting bigger and bigger :(

You are one lucky girl and you need to accept this gift :) My godmother actually lost weight in aspen clinic. But, you need to wait for a long time before they receive you! It is always so crowded. My godmother is going there every six months, and for the first time, she lost nearly 20 kilograms.

So, take this chance and enjoy!