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So I haven't had sex in a few months and recently have had it quite a lot the past few days. maybe 5 or so times in 3 days, all with the same woman of course. Anyways I have this weird dry looking skin just below the head when i pull back the skin. And on the right side it's peeling a little.  Now I don't have any other discomfort saved from where she accidentally scratched my Penis prior to sex one of those last times. I was just concerned cause I haven't had anything like this happen before.  As for other minute details, one of the times didn't feel like we were properly lubed up, um I noticed It because there was a strange scent coming from that area, though I noticed it long before this, was just a little strong. That's all I could think of. Given the circumstances I figure it isn't that serious, but It's better to figure out what is going on so i can treat it or understand it.   

Thank you for taking time to read this and for your help in advance!


OP here. I neglected to mention in case it makes a difference or helps, I am circumcised.