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Hello everyone

I have a problem with obesity since I graduated. I adore candies and that’s the reason I have a lot of extra pounds. Besides that, to be honest, I am not very self disciplined so it’s hard for me to even say “I will not eat candies anymore”.

Lately, I feel like I don’t have energy for the ordinary things like walking or climbing the stairs. That really devastates me. I am too young to feel like that. I decided to start following some diet and do something with my life.

A friend of mine recommended me 90/10 diet. Do you know is this diet too restrictive?


I think this diet you have found is a great choice. It is very efficient but not too restrictive at all. I see you don’t know anything about it so I will explain you the basics.

 The main concept of the diet is related with the name of the diet. Ninety mean that you should eat “good” stuff 90 percent of the time. Ten is for the 10 percent of time you can eat “bad” stuff. That means you can sometimes eat an ice cream or drink a cola and still be on a diet. This is a friendly kind of diet, don’t you think :)



Hello there

I am sorry about your problem. It’s very good you are honest and I hope you will find the way to lose those extra pounds and start living normally again.

As Mad_Hatter mentioned earlier, this diet isn’t strict at all. My coworker was following it and he was thrilled with it. He had lost 55 pounds for six months by following it. He told me that he doesn’t even feel like he is following the diet. He is trying to eat healthy but when he wants to eat a burger he eats it.

Remember not to cheat while you following it, don’t make 25 percent of “bad foods” from that 10 at the beginning.