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I had an abotion recently, and I was told no sex for 2 weeks. I was over 16 weeks at the time and unfortunately had no choice in the abortion, I don't wish to go through all the reasons. I truly loved that baby and never wanted to have to go through an abortion, but things were as they were.

I have read all sorts about pregnancy after abotion, including that there is a high risk of pregnancy after abortion, miscarriage or birth - anyone know how true this is?

I haven't yet had sex, but will not being going back onto birth control, I am hoping to get pregnant pretty quickly, for me, personally this is the best way considering what happened, although I am sure for many it may not be.

I've also read that future pregnancies should be fine. I should note on the day of the procedure I felt no pain, and bled that day and a tiny bit after, but nothing since, in fact I have had some regular white discharge since and no pain at all.

I know this is right for me, and I have a lot of support, I just wondered if anyone has had experience of pregnancy very soon after abortion or knows anyone who has?




anyone at all?