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My 9 year old daughter had a show of blood in her pants last month and this month has blood in her stools, not her urine. She has abdominal pains also. Spoke to NHS Direct who suggested that she may have constipation, but I'm not convinced.


Maybe the best solution is to take your daughter to the doctor. Rectal bleeding are not something that should be ignored and the causes of this bleeding are various.

Causes of blood in stool can range from harmless and annoying conditions of the gastrointestinal tract such as hemorrhoids. But it can also be cause of serious condition such as cancer.

The only way you can be sure that nothing serious is in question is to visit your doctor.


It has been a while since you have posted this question and I am sure that by now you have resolved problem your daughter had. Can you share what was in the question? I hope nothing serious. Thank you in advance for answering my question.