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two months ago the palm of my hands had real itchy....they would get clear bumps on them. i hope been able to squeeze only one small one and water came out. About a week or two of itchyness it had stopped. well my hands had started to peel really badly. I went to the doctor and they said my hands were dehydrated. I always take care of my hands. i use cocoa butter, which i always use. there is still little peeling on the sides, but now the bumps are back and itching. Can someone help me


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It could be some kind of contact dermatitis. I had it on my hands, only not on palms but on the other side but I know for sure that palms be affected as well.

It happens to me during winter time when they are very dry, when the weather is cold and dry and when my skin comes in contact with detergents. Sometimes I develop these very small blisters that ooze clear substance when I squeeze them but after my skin gets very dry and I even develop cuts on hands.

I have been given a topical ointment and the symptoms disappear but soon after I get exposed to the irritants like detergents (you have to dish-wash—I don’t have a dish-washer) I get the symptoms all over again.

My mother-in-law gets clear-liquid bumps after wearing rings on very hot water and when the area becomes moist but she get them from detergents as well.