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Hey dear friends,


So, my cat, my Hope is really playful cat. Sometimes, I really can’t caught her in the yard. She is always running away, and sometimes, she is hurting herself, especially her little legs, while she is running and jumping around :)


I am afraid that she will hurt her paws and legs again, but I am so scared of infections, that I just can’t tell you about it.

So, I was wondering, are there any prevention options for swollen leg in cats?

It will be really helpful to me, and to all other pet and cat owners, I am really sure.


Hey friends, I want to say that I am pretty sure that there is no such a good method to prevent this issue. Especially, if you let your cat to go out and play outside. Of course, there are always a way. For example, you can prevent it with some safety measures. By that measures I mean protecting your cat from some hazardous areas such as roads and yards, where some injuries may occur. Also, in this way you can prevent your cat to be bitten from spider, snake, etc. But, somehow I am not really sure that you can prevent it :) You can try, but… good luck with it :)



Hello. First, I have to say that I totally agree with you Daree B, because if your cat is outdoor cat, sometimes there are no ways to prevent swollen leg in cats. But, you can prevent infections. It is really important to vaccinate your cat on time to prevent any infection from injuries. I can advise you to clean your yard from some particle board, nails, and thorns from flowers.  You should clean the area where your cat is playing. But, prevention that will work 100 percent, it is impossible. That is of course my opinion. Maybe I am wrong.



Hey everyone.


I have a lot of cats, trust me, you don’t want to know the number, but I have like little Zoo in my yard :) And, I am happy because of it.

I am taking a really good care of my cats, actually of my all pets.

But, I can testify that you can’t prevent it – at least in my case.  

My cats had a lot of problems with swollen legs, because they are really playful. I see this when it’s done, and the only thing that I can do is to cure it.

I don’t know any way how to prevent it. If you do know, please, let me know as well :)



Hey there.


I think that you all got this subject totally wrong. You all answered that there is no prevention option and that you can’t prevent your cat from getting hurt.

But, this is not the answer on the main question.

Cat hurts her leg, what now?

Of course, there IS a prevention option.

When this happens, you should clean this area, and you should use something, you should put something on it, just to prevent infection.

In some case, medications are the best prevention options, because they work fast and good.

I think that this is the main point of this question and topic :)