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I wanted to see if anyone had feedback on Dr. Suess. I went in for a consult last week and it was awesome. He has great before and after photos and is very nice. His staff is great too. I am pretty sure I will choose him. I have gone to a couple of the other forums, and have heard nothing but good things about him. I just wanted to check here too, because it is an important decision. He seems to be a great surgeon. He is board certified.

Thanks for the help!

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Dr. Suess did major plastic surgery on me about 4 years ago. Brow lift, eye lift, neck lift. He did a wonderful job. The results after 4 years are still amazing. He leaves your face looking natural, not pulled or stretched to look fake like a lot of other surgeons. I have recommended him to many people. In about 3 years I plan to go back to him for the face lift, which he told me that I did not need at the time. He is very honest and only recommends the procedures that you need.