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I'm 12 weeks and 5 day with my 2nd pregnancy .. My husband and I have been together for over 4years and married for 8months.. we got pergo right away we were sooo happy then I lost the baby; I had a etopic pregnancy, we were such a mess! My husband and I really lost each other.. after a few months I started to feel good again, soo I asked my husband if he wanted to start trying again, he said okay! We got pergo on the 1st try!!!! I was sooo happy! My husband wasn't, I thought it was just him being scared of losing the baby again...but truns out he doesn't want the baby,he just said we would try to make me happy! I would never bring a baby in this world if he wasn't ready! Hes my husband I respect him!! Soo now I'm he wants to leave me if I have the baby!I'm soo against getting rid of the baby, but I even thought about Bc I love my husband that much.. but I cant, as much as I love my husband I cant just cant get rid of the baby!! And the best part he promised to take of me and now I have nothing not a dime!!hes very selfish what he did too me!!! I pray hes truns around and wants to make it work and not run away!! I'm scared and alone!! I cant talk to my family or.friends bout this, it would her to hairy right now! I'm I doing the right thing?!


That's a shame!!! I just had an abortion 2 days ago...I was in a similar situation except unmarried and I wasn't with the guy as long. We got pregnant the 1st time by mistake, but I had a miscarriage. Then he asked me to try again. I agreed because I thought that we were going to be a family. After attending prenatal visits and an ultrasound, as well as announcing to our families that we were having a baby and going to get married next year, he decided that he didn't want to be with me anymore and that I should have an abortion to, "cut all ties." We are tied forever because we conceived 2 children together...anyhow, I was going to keep my baby at first, but after further attempts to talk to him, I realized that he would not be there for our baby at all...and I did not want to be a single mom...I already suffer from clinical depression and an anxiety disorder...the stress of the pregnancy was making both worse and I didn't want my baby to suffer from my issues...and I wanted my baby to be loved by BOTH parents. 


I don't know if this was the best decision but I believe it was because of the sound like you want to keep your baby...if that's what you want, then keep will regret it if you have an abortion and you're not 100% sure about it...I regret it because it was my baby, too...even though I believe it was the best decision...but if I wanted my baby as much as you seem to want yours, then I would have kept it.