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Hi everyone,
First things first, I am Male and have shorter hair.
No one seems to have any ideas so im going to ask here, hoping you might have some advice.
I recently decided to let my hair grow to medium length...
Im in that "awkward stage" where my hair is thick on the sides and looks very 1970's BIG hairstyle type mess lol:P
(not saying there is anything wrong with the 70's of course lol)
I have been trying different Gels lately to try and hold the sides of my hair down
and i MUST say that it does work...
EXCEPT for it gives it that Greasy,Crispy, Action figure hair look! >:(
Which in my opinion is very appealing.

My question is:

Are there any products out in this universe that hold hair in place but don't have that CRISPY GREASY LOOK?


If anyone has ANY advice on what i need to do to grow my hair how I want it ,it would be greatly appreciated! XD


Theres no products out there that can make your hair grow any quicker, you might see products advertised but they don't work. Im afraid you'll just have to wait.