After discussin with my husband a couple years back my preference of having an "unshaven" area and him stating he would leave it "au natural," I find out that he had partially shaved that area.  When I asked him about it, one of his excuses was that "all of a sudden" it was getting caught in his zipper.  Does the growth/length of male pubic hair change?  I see no difference in the surrounding area, which he said he has not even trimmed, but the base of the penis is shaved......I am suspicious as to why the sudden change and need factual inormation please.  He told me to go online and find information since I pointed out that different types of hair on the body have different rates of growth, but unlike hair on your head which seems to grow to long lengths if left uncut, arm hair, leg hair, etc. including pubic only grow to a certain length and either stop or fall out before becoming more than 2-3 inches.


Please help.