I shaved a couple nights ago with a face trimmer ! I shaved pretty low mostly everywhere ! Some spots i didn't trim with scissors or anything , didn't think about it. . But i still had long hairs all around the base of my private part!  A couple days after shaving , I had sex with a gal . . During sex , I felt irritation down there , seems like my logical thinking brought me to because of the rubbing etc. that her pubic hair & mind were irritating each others! Even thinking that my long pubic hairs i left , were actually getting yanked, uhmm irritated , stuck etc.  . Now when i woke up the next morning , in the area where i still had decent says pubic hairs left there was a red irritation spot , with a couple pimple looking dots on the base of the pubic hair with a little white dot on them. . I just wanna know if my thoughts are right & it's just from the irritation & shaving & pubic hairs getting irritated by sex , or is it more than that i have been tested before not to long ago & everything was negative so . . Yeah i am kind of worried because i care about life and i tend to over think things but my logic thinking seems like & i'm hoping for it's nothing terrible ! Please Help . . Thanks