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i missed my period 4 days, usually i am very regular. i did home testing and i am pregnant. But have stomach pain like gas. doctor ask me to do ultra sound. No pain like the first day i missed my period. i want to know why i have gastric problem?


So did you confirm that you are pregnant? Did you go to see your doctor so he can do a blood test?

 Gastric problems can be one of the symptoms of the early pregnancy. There is nothing much you can do about this because if you are pregnant and this is one of your symptoms. The situation will calm down eventually.


Check with your doctor is there any way to relieve your symptoms for example what foods you should eat and which to avoid. When my friend was pregnant she had some gastric problems as well and she was avoiding apples and pears because this made her bloated.

Along with this she was avoiding fatty and fried foods because it have tendency to slow down the digestion process. If you ask your doctor about this he will definitely give you the diet plan that can cause less gas and gastric problems.