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Hey :-),

I've had sex recently, about 5 times now. The first time I had sex (Losing my virginity) my foreskin didn't really hurt during sex, and it got better and better, but the most recent one (5th time) was different...
Me and my Girlfriend (Lost our virginity to each other) started to have sex, but my foreskin started to hurt, I looked at it and it was trying to retract, but it wouldn't, and it really started to hurt, so much that we had to stop having sex. the next day or two, it was enflamed (red) and was sore.
I don't have any STI/STDs
I'm healthy and I shower every day, and I pull my foreskin back to wash it every day too.
It's only when I become erect that it stings and cannot retract without it hurting..
If anyone can shed some light on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks..

One more thing, could it be that my girlfriend was not wet enough? or still a bit tight because we've only had sex a few times..?

Shaun ;-)


Don't worry; this happens to everybody with a foreskin at first. just relax and take it easy


Thanks buddy :-) Stopped my worrying :-D