I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hashimotos, which is an autoimmune disease) 9 or 10 months ago. Because of this I happened to feel around my neck. I found a small lump above my right clavicle. I also found one above my left clavicle that is less noticeable. They seemed to maybe get a little bigger at the time (though this may be due to me palpating them) but I think they've remained the same ever since. They are hard and almond/bean shaped. They about 1.5cm long and 1cm wide (just a guess!) and feel as though they are stuck to the muscle underneath (or whatever it is under there!!). They have never been painful.

I mentioned them to my doctor months ago when I was seeing her concerning my treatment for hypothyrodism. She felt them and also felt under my arms and lower stomach/above pubic area. She didnt find anything else but said she was still concerned and would check them again at my next appointment (approx 6 weeks later). At that appointment she didnt seem concerned and didnt feel them again though I said they were the same. She said they were part of the hashimotos and that if anything was wrong it would show up in my blood test (the only test she actually did apart from usual thyroid ones was c-reactive protein).

I have since pretty much forgotten about it but based on the things I've read about supraclavicular lymph nodes I'm kinda surprised she wasnt more concerned. At the same time, I guess its a good sign that they havn't gotten bigger but could hashimotos really be causing them to stay hard? And is it normal for them to stay like that for so long. Lastly, is it a good sign that it is in the same place on both sides of my neck or a bad sign?