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I don't know what else to do. When I shave, my skin gets irritating half the time. I get razor burn, ingrown hairs, or just irritated skin, but something causes my skin to inflame, get red, and simply not look pretty. So becasue of dealing with this, and my recent lack of a sex life, I've put a hold on shaving hoping that that would give the skin some time to recooperate from shaving. However, on my legs I've notices more bumbs appearing. I usually don't get bumps on my lower leg, but have been seeing them lately. I usually just get them on my thighs and upper legs, in fact I can never seem to get rid of tiny little bumps that I can only seem to feel on the back of my thigh. It feels as if it's the beginning of a hair follicle. Which is frustrating when I shave and want a smooth feeling. I exfoliate with natural ingredients about once a week. I moisturize after I get out of the shower everday. I take care of myself for the most part. I'm not overweight. I can never shave my bikini line with out it getting irritated. I have a couple of products that are supposed to minimize irritated skin after shaving, and I use those as well. I've read a bunch of stuff covering these topics and can't seem to get an answer. I shave properly, use a clean reazor, never a dull one. Use a nice shaving cream that is specialized for irritated skin. I've gone waxing before, and maybe it's just that my hair growth isn't used to it, but it seem that the hair started growing a few days after I was waxed. I got a brazillian wax, yes that includes the pubic hair from the front all the way to the back, meaning the rear end. I'm not aware of how normal it is to have hair back there, however I know it's not abnormal, and I was unfortunately blessed with this little curse of more unwanted hair. If anyone knows of products or anything differently I can use, I would take any advice at this point. It's just not fun being a girl anymore.


Have you seen a dermatologist? You could get some advice from them. This happens to me when I shave my pubic area. I get it under my arms too & on the very upper part of my legs. I have never tried waxing either, but you could take a break during winter, even now you can. You can also try moisturizers & shaving creams that say Hypoallergenic

P.S.- I'm kinda cursed with that too. It sucks.