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Hey friends.

My friend Illma and her husband Josh, they are going to be out of the town for a couple of days. They need to visit his family and friends, his mom is sick, so they need to be away for a while.

They have a cat, she is three years old. It would be really silly to take this cat with them there, so they asked me to take care of her. I said yes, why not.

She didn’t remind me that this cat has renal failure, and now I don’t know what food I should give to her.

Can you recommend me some cat food for renal failure? 


Why she didn’t tell you more about this? I mean, if this cat has renal failure, I am pretty sure that she is on some special diet program as well, right?

She was in rush and she was not able to tell you?


I am sure that she will contact you as soon as she arrives there.

Meanwhile, you should put this cat on low protein diet program, because this is something the best, it is the only way.

Ideal diet for a cat with renal disease and failure, should have a highly digestible and bio – appropriate protein content, such as poultry, rabbit, etc. 



Hello. I have to tell you that you are looking answers to your question on the best place. But, you haven’t told us much. The best diet program for cat with renal failure depends on the stage of the kidney disease, present as one specific kidney diet does not fit all stages of kidney disease. So, that is the only reason why it is not so easy for me to tell you exactly what to do. You should tell us if this is an early stage or disease or not. There are so many factors, so many questions, and issues. Good luck!



Good day all.I totally do agree with Dog Whisperer about this issue. It is really important to find out in what stage is this disease.

For early stage of this disease, diet program can be very restricted and it can lead to protein malnourishment and muscle loss. But, that is something normal, and it can be treated.  Certain dietary modifications have been proven to help your dog live nice, longer, with less obvious signs of some illness.

So, it is really important that you can understand the main nature of your pet’s kidney condition, before selecting proper diet program. 



Hello everyone.


My cat had this problem as well. I mean, when I think about it, I think that every cat had this problem once :/


I believe that I have read that someone told you, but I will repeat, just in case.

Low protein diet is the option, but in my opinion, it is not the best solution.


I am for high protein canned food or even home cooked diet, that is made with good quality proteins.


If you want to use commercial diet, you should try Instinct good.

Raw food is also OK, but I believe that some cats can’t stand this food while they are sick. 



Hey darling,


I don’t know whole story about your kitty, but since you adopted her, I have to say that I really do admire you!


It is so nice to give some pet a new home, especially when this pet needs to have home and love.

I am planning to do this as well, very soon.

About your question, I think that you should feed a food your cat will eat. Cats eat to live, and some very important diet program can be really helpful.I don’t think that you should cut some food. That is my opinion, maybe I am wrong, but I would do this.