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My name is Nina. I am a proud owner of this cute, little white Burmese cat. She is so adorable, I couldn’t find this breed and when I finally did, she is like my kid :) I am spending a lot of my time with her, I take care of her. I am visiting the vet two or three times a year, it depends, because she is not sick. She is healthy and strong cat.

I have heard about this distemper shot but to be honest, I don’t have a clue what it is.

My friend Joshua told me that my cat should get distemper shot.


Do you know how often should cat gets it? Or should I consult my vet?

Tnx in advance.


Hey darling.

Distemper shots are included in every vet’s list of annual vaccinations. Sometimes they are included in semi – annual vaccinations. You need to know that distemper is really serious illness and from your post I am not so sure that you know this.

Am I right?

Your cat should get distemper vaccination when she reaches three months of age. Every vet will recommend you to give your cat distemper shot every 3 or 4 months…


Every cat should receive a vaccination at some point in the early life.

Your friend is totally right and you should be more informed about this.

Good luck!



Hey everyone,

Dear Nina from the Block, I did a little research about Distemper Shot and I found out this: This shot is so good that there was a test where they gave these vaccines to 12 kittens 4 hours before they put them with kittens that were infected with distemper and nothing happened. The Doctor that is responsible for the making and testing of distemper shot said that it is enough for a cat to get this shot only once in her entire life when she is aged between 12 and 16 weeks. The Doctor said that you can give your cat this shot 2-3 times a year, but he doesn’t consider it necessary.



Hello there dear friends. Thank you so much. I came here today but I didn’t believe that anyone will answer me :) You are so amazing :) I never did any research about this. This is my biggest concern. Maybe something happened to my cat because she didn’t receive distemper shot? Or maybe I am just a little bit paranoid? Love is pet, she didn’t get distemper shot when she was young :/ Is this a problem? Dalmatian lover, thank you. Does this means that it is not too late for my cat to receive distemper shot now? Maybe I should call my vet and make an appointment? Thank you once again!



Hey Nina from the block.

I understand you totally. I think that this is something that your vet should tell you, about distemper shot.

It is not your fault that much because you couldn’t know.

All that you can do is to research.


Of course that you need to make an appointment with your vet.

I can’t tell you is it too late to give distemper shot because you haven’t told us how old is your cat?

But I believe that it is not late.


Just go and visit your vet and he will explain you what to do.

Good luck and inform us!



Hey guys,

Nina, I believe that it is not late for your cat to receive her distemper shot now. I don’t think it’s ever late, as long as she lives or if she doesn’t already have the disease that the vaccine is supposed to prevent. Although your cat is supposed to get the vaccine when she is very little, you can do it now as well. Call your vet and make an appointment. Then, after the vaccine, it’s up to you to decide do you want to leave it on a single distemper shot or you are going to make her get distemper shots once in every half a year, for example. I don’t think that this is necessary though.



Well, I haven’t heard a question about a distemper shot in a really long time now.

I’m writing now because my cat received this vaccine when she was just a kitten and my vet back then recommended to me that I give her this shot once in every 5 months.

I took his advice and when I moved to live in another city, I found another vet and he told me that there is no need for additional shots and that only the first one was enough.

So there you have it. You can repeat the shots, but it’s not a must do thing. It’s all up to you.