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i am honey 21y young.actually i am sharing this b'coz i don't know wheater it is a problem r not.
i am having my lips out of p***y i don't now weather for everyone at this they will be outside are not 
my p***y is jst normal bt the lips are littlebit outside and loose .i never participated in sex till now can i be able to do sex .i this a problem are just a common thing.
please rply me yar.....
i am confused and in a dilamma thinking what to do..


your lips are naturally out a little bit and also loose. they have to be because that is how they keep unwanted bacteria out of your vagina. the lips cover the vaginal opening to stop yeast infections and other uncomfortable and painful irritations. so when you go to have sex your partner will never know. my boyfriend has never said anything about mine and we have been together for 3 years and having sex for 2 years.