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I am 18 years old... i suffer from anxiety so am prescribed 1mg ativan 3 times a day (however i go over this amount daily). I am also a smoker since i was 16.. i currently smoke 1 pack a day. I also use adderall for studying (i'm in college) which i smoke up to 2 packs while on adderall. I have also been a daily pot smoker for about a year about 2grams of pot a day. I am just wondering if all this is bad for my health, i am very worried and i don't know who to talk about this. my mom doesn't know i smoke pot or take adderall.. however she knows i smoke cigarettes and take ativan (because i am prescribed).



i smoke pot while on adderall and it makes my heart feel really funny... is this bad? and i also take ativan while i'm on adderall because it gives me anxiety, but then i just feel confused all day. I live a really expensive lifestyle and yet i don't work, and i'm ashamed of who i am and my spendings. I am depressed all the time and can't stop chain smoking. i'm only 18! HELP!


Oh baby girl or boy? ... please quit smoking!!! I know that the adderall can be very addictive as well but smoking cigarettes is not only horrible for you on the inside, it ages you terribly on the outside. I've been smoking for 35 years now. I hate it... it's a terrible addiction. I wish more than anything that I had never started. I'm trying the chantix now after trying everything else out there... the patch, e-cigs, the gum. None of it has worked for me. Hopefully this chantix will... I'm on day 10... still smoking while taking the pills but smoking much less because it makes me nauseous each time I smoke a cig and I end up vomiting. My son is 16 yo and several of his older friends who are 17 & 18 yo smoke. I beg them to quit!!! It will control your life. By the way, talking about money... I figured out what I spent on cigarettes alone in the 35 years I've been smoking... close to $60,000.00!!!! That's a lot of money that could have been used towards good in my life rather than destroying my life. I don't know much about the addy or the ativan but I do know about the cigs... please try to quit while you're still young and not too addicted!!! Good luck my dear!!! Peace & light.