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I am a 71 year old overweight woman who needs a hip replacement.  I have lost 35 pounds, but need to lose another 30 lbs. before the doctor will do the surgery.  I've had 3 shots for pain, but they wear off and then I'm in constant pain.  I am now beyond hope and do not know what to do, as I seem to be at one of those plateaus and am not losing any more weight.  I would be extremely grateful for any advise.

Thank You,



Hi Donajoe,

Ask your doctor for help.  You may also see a nutritionist.  Both can help you lose weight - safely.

Just a caution on the hip transplant.  Don't expect to be totally pain free.  Many people experience discomfort long after such a surgery.  Many surgeons DO NOT tell their patients what can happen - ASK THEM DIRECTLY.

How active you are NOW play a significant role in the outcome of such a surgery.

Good luck.