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I have the infection known as folliculitis . i caught this disease through using the hot tub. i am a diabetic, i have numbness in both my feet. i had the chicken pox when i was a child. when i was in the Bahamas i caught sea lice. with the sea lice i had dime size red on my legs. with the hot tub disease it was red like pimps all over my body. but i develop a red size of dime on both of my legs near and became very itchy. i have a male friend who my age near 60 who also has the same disease . my questions are does this disease damage the nerve system? does it affect the immune system what about the blood system? and what about my future with the diseases i got . it seem you can get lots of information on the diseases. but no information what it does to your body . i trust you will give some kind of answers. thank you, wayne. my email address is ***NOT ALLOWED ON BOARD***



1. Topical antiseptic treatment is adequate for most cases

2. Topical antibiotics such as mupirocin or neomycin containing ointment
3. Some patients may benefit from systemic narrow-spectrum penicillinase-resistant penicillins (such as dicloxacillin in US, or flucloxacillin in UK)

More information on the entire range of folliculitis can be found on

They address some of your specific questions.

If you have further questions about advance cases, you may want to return to your medical provider who diagnosed you to begin with. Good luck!