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Hello, first time on here but i had to get it out there to see what people think it is, maybe there will be a doctor in the house LOL. well first of all i will put out there i am a virgin and never had a girlfriend so i dont have a STD or anything like that stuff.

So my problem is that my penis foreskin I did some rigurous masturbation techniques which i hadn't done is some time and i think i over did it a bit. well after that my skin on the foreskin got all dry then it was cracking then a day later it got moist and now for like 1week and half its been red like a irriatation and also sometimes i get a pull muscle feel when i masturabate but now only once a day, but even for 15 min which is short for me it hurts. then later on around the night time it hurts back again for me which is unusual for me. At first it though i had made my foreskin all raw by rubbing to much and i think i might have ripped or maybe just silghtly torn the thing that connects the foreskin to the penis head. And the skin on the foreskin is red slighlty pinkinkish red and irriatated. so for me what do u think is the solution to fixing the problem, i know for me no more masturbation. And to make you know what i did i was using my (penis between the bedmatress and puting it into a plastic bag rubbing it in and out with lubrication) now you now what i did .

so any treatment you can tell me i know im going to go get some A&D onitment or Desitin onitment to help aleviate the irriation.


I’m a Virgo in too