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Recently, my friend I had an odd conversation about which one of us had the worst life. I don't remember how exactly it came about, but, I do remember that by the end of it, all I wanted to do was hug her. Later that night, I was thinking about my life, my past, and why exactly I thought my life was so bad. I started adding everything up, my mother died when I was eight, my father got depressed, neglected my siblings and I, and then became abusive. Social services stepped in, and moved us to my grandparents' care. I hated it, and missed my old life. At that moment, it all came crashing down. My life really wasn't as good as I let myself think. Financially, my family is better off than most, but we are broken, in a way; I'm broken, and I don't think that will ever change. I had heard about cutting, and I suddenly realized why people do it. Before that night, it just didn't make any sense to me. I couldn't understand why someone would want to hurt themselves like that. In the spur of the moment, I decided to try it. I took my buck knife, and cut my wrist. It hurt, but the pain wasn't exactly painful; it felt, good. Is it wrong of me to want to cut? Is it wrong to cut in general? Please help!


Hi TNMEBD! Good that you are so open when talking about yourself. if i may say i think your question shouldn't be whether is right or wrong to cut, because you made a judgment of a situation when actually a judgment won’t help. The right question here is will this help you in any way? And is this healthy? And the answers are: this may give you a moment of pleasure but after that you will just get worse. it works like with drugs, you will need every time more to get some satisfaction. The second answer is: that's not physically or mentally healthy. Having pleasure in hurting yourself is simply not healthy. If you can’t stop on your own doing that, go and look for some professional help.