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I am sexually active and 15 years old. I am very young, and I know this, and have always been very strict on sex (saying it's good good good to wait), but I found someone that I know is the one. I am in love with him, he is in love with me, and I think it is worse to legitimately DISTRESS yourself over not having sex than just showing someone you love them. We usually use condoms, but the other night, we did not use one. he pulled out before he came, and he had urinated since his last ejaculation (which is supposed to kill any leftover spermt hat pre-cum can carry), but we are still worried because it's hard to tell exactly when is right to pull out. How can I make EXTRA EXTRA sure that I'll get an accurate result from a home pregnancy test?????



Also, my mom does not know I am active, but shes taking me tot he doctor to get birth control. Does she have to be in the office with me? I know the gyno will ask me questions about this stuff, and I don't want my mom to know, because, well....she doesn't understand. If I thought she would, I would tell her. Will the gyno test me for pregnancy in order to prescribe me birth control?


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