Hi. My Name is Alyzae. Im in a really big confusion. I really love my boyfriend. And im sure that he loves me even more than i love him. i trust him more that i trust my own self. Now point where the problem lies is that before me for like over 3 years he was committed with a girl named FaryaL. Wallie (my boyfriend), himself told me about her when we were just friends. he also told me that wallie was really loyal n sincear with that girl but then that girl got married after this era of their relation. FaryaL used to text him, call him, ask him to see her somewhere, ask him to come on skype for video calls etc etc. but then when our relation started wallliee says that he eventually stopped contacting her . But some time back what i did to check was that i hacked FaryaL's mum account and sent request to Wallie. Wallie accepted her request and there also was a message that said that "so its you " Wallie thought it was FaryaL from her mum's account. in fact it was me. i couldn't stop crying. when i read that message my eyes filled with tears and i couldn't resist to stop weeping. now i don't know that whats happening. If this thing is called jealousy then yes, i Am jealous of that b***h! she's married no. Why does that girl still comment on my boyfriend's pics? wallie and FaryaL at the time of their relation had some kind of a code word. i dont know its meaning actually but the word was OHSIP. on 6th sept when its wallie's birthday,Faryal had posted this to him that OHSIP. after this i talked about FaryaL stuff with wallie and he said that theres nothing such how im thinking. he loves me really too much and he does not talk to that girl any longer. if what he said was truth then why did he message her on her mother's account which i had hacked? WHY? please solve my problem bcz just by hearing that girl's name i feel like dying! or simply KILLING THAT f*****g as****e!!!!!!!!! please help me out. please. what should i do?

Before this also I had one messaged that girl and really abbused her because i hated her. Shes married now but still messages my boyfriend and i get jealoused.

i've even been too much physical with my boy. and that girl was not. they dint cross the limits after kissing.

but i did.

ive told u everything now please help me with my problem. cuz im seriously depressed now!!