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I lost my virginity a day and a half ago. We used a condom and it didn't break or anything, we did it spoon style. I bled a little bit and it hurt but not like crazy. He couldn't really get it in so it didn't last very long. Yesterday I felt a little nautious but fine. This morning I woke up, still a little nautious but fine. By 11am I had stomach cramps, thought I was going to puke, I have this constant burning sensation in my "lady part", it hurts to pee and I have to pee constantly, and i keep having diarrehea. I didn't ask him straight up if he had anything but he has only slept with three other people. Can you even contract anything if they have a condom on? Are these the symptoms of STDs? I did google the symptoms and stuff but I don't know if these symptoms are just because it was my first time and because i'm under a lot of stress about some other unrelated things or because I have an STD. I am kinda freaking out!! I had to leave school because I just couldn't handle the pain anymore.....I couldn't consintrate. Any advice or comments would be much appreciated. Please and thank you.


Hi guest,

There is a very good chance you have a urinary tract infection. They are very common in women after having sex.

Condoms do protect from most STD's when used properly. It would be early for most STD symptoms to appear.

One thing to consider when you say he has "only slept with three other people" is how many people did they sleep with before they slept with him? You can't judge how clean someone is by how many partners they've had.