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Hey guys im 17 years old its Jan 05, 2010 and im here to share my story with you all, if your willing to read it.

Ive recenly quit marijuana, I usually smoke maybe 1-2g's a week, maybe 3.5, ive experienced most withdrawal symptoms over these past weeks, like not being able to sleep, absolute loss of appetite, acid reflux in the morning's (this has passed in the first 2 weeks), sweating uncontrollably, and of coarse the urge to fire up a bowl, out of the 50 cm bong.
I am feeling alot better since i quit, and can notice the difference in myself right away, i am alot happyer, more enegetic, evan more enthusiastic to do things, its nice to remember life before you were a pothead, and what you actualy used to enjoy about life before you started smoking marijuana.
Today is my 3rd week, quitting marijuana.
Marijuana to me is the only drug I really like and find to benefit from in some way, I don't drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, etc...
Everybody's journey is different some prefer smoking pot, some prefer smoking cigarettes, like my mum, she smokes a pack a day, and has for over 25 years she is 57, and claims that she will outlive many people?
I explain to her that luck only last's for so long, you can't keep living by that theory but she dosen't listen, and is not happy unless she is able to smoke a packet a day, she would spend her last $10 on cigarettes instead of feeding me and my younger sister, I find this verry selfish, I admit that i am also being selfish by taking $20 out of her wallet, buying a g every week, maybe a $50, but would never do this if she has less than $100 for the week, she did it today, she had $12, she had the choice to A) Buy food for herself and her children B) Buy herself tobacco, what would you do? Btw she get's paid tomorrow but that's no excuse is it? I believe the same principal applies to weed aswell. Me and my sister love her so much, she's all we have, couldn't imagine life today without her, yes im quite familiar with the everybody must die sometime line, but evan mum was really upset when her parent's died, she never got over it and they died in 86+, if I talk about them to this day and bring back memories she would start to tear, can't she see if her parent's died at what 60/70 because they smoked all her life, she wouldn't like it much I know that's for sure, im not saying that she will die in her 60/70's but hey, lets at least try be realistic smoker for over 25+ years, expects to live as long as a non smoker, obviously she want's to die or somthing, this is what i say to her, but she denies it and says that she is only addicted. :'(

Anyway enough about that, Evan though that's my main inspiration for quitting, no matter how hard you deny or how ignorant you are to the fact that, smoker's lives revolve around smoking, you begin to loose interest's like say sports, or friends, or Evan spending time with family you hardly get to see, the fact is, of coarse you'd rather stay at home, smoke bowls all day, because that's what you enjoy doing, that's what makes you happy in life. This being said if the only time you are happy is when your high, or smoking cigarettes, then you will never really find real happiness in life. If you didn't realize there's more to life than smoking at least this is what i believe, I don't think mum would agree with me though.

To all those trying to quit smoking remember, its not a wise way to spend money, and where does smoking bowls get you in life besides in bed, or your head in the fridge?

The only way I've been able to quit is by these methods, just don't hang out with smoker's, sell/hide ur bong's, delete ur dealers number, no dealer no weed.

Good luck to all you fellow quitter's that read this and i hope you beat the addiction for once and for all, life is way to valuable to be smoking it away for own self pleasure.....

I think i have rambled on enough, thank you very much for ur time, and i really would appreciate feedback or your opinion!


Hello there,

As inspirational as your story may be for some, I think it is a bit foolish of you to assume a) that any pot smoker is an "addict", b) that marijuana smokers don't do anything but rot their lives away chasing a high or rotting in bed, and c) that there aren't truly medicinal benefits for some of those who do smoke pot. It is a wonderful thing that YOU quit if marijuana was a detriment to YOUR life, but to assume that it is to anyone who does smoke it is wrong.

I am a 22 year old woman who has been smoking pot for years and I honestly couldn't imagine a functional, or at the very least enjoyable, life without it. I suffer from a variety of medical disorders and nausea is a naturally occurring symptom for some of them as well as a few of my medications. Without pot, I don't think I would be able to eat most days. And although I am not prescribed marijuana for it, it absolutely helps alleviate some of my anxiety symptoms. I will not lie and say that I smoke purely for health reasons. I very much so enjoy the high of it. But does that make me a bad person? Or a waste of life?

Without being able to feel better, I don't think I would be able to find interest in so many of the things I do. For instance, some of my favorite things to do are only enhanced when smoking a little bit of weed prior to doing so. Some of my best work has been done under the influence of marijuana. And not everyone who smokes is a "dope" or lazy, unintelligent, hippie. Sometimes, marijuana has given me the patience and the creativity to create some of my highest graded papers in my college English classes or the beautiful art projects I have adorning the walls of my home, my family's homes, and even in some art exhibits. I don't think I would have been able to finish half the knitting projects I have started without weed and I most certainly wouldn't have had the courage to try cooking or eating some of the things I have! Marijuana isn't always a crutch.

And that is certainly not to say that the only time I am happy is when I am high. If a dry spell hits, then so be it. I do not suffer withdrawal symptoms because of it. I definitely tend to eat less, but that's because of the nausea caused by my medicine and conditions, not because of the lack of pot. The pot helps that. I am still very capable of finding joy in my life, whether it is because I came home to a clean house that my boyfriend was kind enough to clean for me as a surprise or I've just spent a wonderful (sober) holiday with my family and anything and everything in between.

Moderation is key in many many aspects of life. If you overdo anything, it will be bad for you; even drinking too much water can kill you (though oddly enough, there has never once been a single reported case of a "marijuana overdose" related death). And marijuana definitely falls into that category. Sure, there are people that take it way too far and they are seemingly wasting their life away because they do nothing but sit around and smoke pot, but I can pretty much guarantee that that someone probably also has some other issues at work and none of us should underestimate the power depression or self esteem or other mental aspects of life can hold over any one of us. There are lots of people, professional and otherwise, who find a happy balance between work and play. And if someone fulfills their responsibilities to themselves, their job, their family, etc. then none of us should be able to judge them or tell them they are wrong for enjoying themselves in whatever way they want, so long as it is not harming anybody. Not just that, but for many people such as myself, if we cannot spend the only life we have doing the things we enjoy doing (despite whatever health risks are associated with them), then life simply would not be worth living. Or it would at least very much decrease the quality of life we are able to live. The Declaration of Independence grants all of us "certain inalienable rights; the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and for me, part of that pursuit is the ability to smoke, enjoy, and even cultivate marijuana. I don't want to pull what is the ridiculousness concerning the legality of marijuana versus alcohol, but even certain religions and cultures are granted a pass on these laws because marijuana (and sometimes mushrooms, peyote, and ayuhuasca) is such an integral part of their culture or religion.

All that being said, regardless of my own personal opinions regarding marijuana, it is always a joyous event to conquer an addiction and in that regard, I am very happy for you. I have been the victim of an irresponsible addict's lifestyle and decisions, so I do very much know how one can be negatively affected by addiction. It is a very difficult thing to overcome, so congratulations.


Hi Wheezypig.
Thank's so much for ur reply, and i agree with you. Especially at the moderation part, as this is key to handling addiction.

If a heroin or ice user realistically likes to shoot up or smoke as much as possible, does this make him a bad person for getting high not caring about other effect's the drug has on themselves, well no as you pointed out it does not, because it's simply there life, and who's really to say how he should live his life besides themselves.

But this is not aimed at people like you, who medically benefit from it, and need it to survive, and for this i am sorry if you got the wrong idea.

And yes i agree if you smoke marijuana in moderation, it can be extremely rewarding, and can evan influence ur creative side and improve your enjoyment of your life.

I am simply posting because i am determent to quit cannabis and was hoping others that may have been or are in a similar situation could help me or maybe someone could get some inspiration out of it. In the last 1/5 year's of smoking Ive lost my girlfriend over it, Evan some friendship's, and I any chance I get I will smoke, i Evan spent money on pot instead of buying my girlfriend the present that she wanted, it was never supposed to be like that. And no i was never trying to say that its making you or me or any drug user a bad person, personally i think the "bad" people in this world wear $5000 suits and work in the highest positions in Parliament and the federal and American bank (J.P Morgan). Also it does not make you a hippy, or Brain dead, But your life is in your hands, i don't know what you enjoy, im not you, but I am myself, and i don't enjoy weed anymore like i used to, this is because i don't focus on the positive effects of weed anymore like being extremely high and getting the munchies, sleeping like a baby, escaping problems that cause stress, or relaxing with my buddies all stoned enjoying ourselves together, but the negative's like shorness of breath, waking up all cloudy, loss of appetite, not being able to sleep, mood swing's of coarse the list's go on but you get the point.

please reply weezypig as you make an extremely good point and i am sorry to say such naive thing's about marijuana.


Hello again Mr. TheCureAustralia,

I thank you for your very poignant and well worded response (despite the small grammatical errors (';-)') I have been known to be a bit of a grammar nazi, haha).

Well, to begin, I would like to say this; as a marijuana advocate and user, a small part of me winces when I hear someone refer to themselves as a "marijuana addict". To date, there has been no research to conclude that marijuana itself possesses any physical addictive properties and if one feels addicted to said substance, I am very much inclined to believe that it is a psychological need as opposed to a physical one. That being said, I do still believe there are some "withdrawal" symptoms from quitting smoking; less eating, irritability, difficulty sleeping, etc. But I believe those things to be more the reason that one begins smoking to begin with and not so much a symptom of withdrawal from quitting. When you're used to smoking everyday and feeling a certain way and you cut that out of your life suddenly, of course you're going to be irritable. I know that when I don't smoke, I do have a harder time falling asleep or finding the appetite that I have when I'm high. But that's because weed works as an appetite stimulant and as a mild depressant, which is what makes it such an indispensable resource for the many many people out there suffering from debilitating and terminal illnesses and conditions. As the comedian Katt Williams says in his routine, the side effects of weed are [being] "hungry, happy, sleepy".

As far as the negative and positive side effects of weed, all I can say to that is to each his own. At times, I find myself debating the benefits of smoking too. Sometimes, weed has the opposite effect on my anxiety than it normally does; it will make me introverted and I will think more about things than I would if I hadn't smoked at all. But for the most part, it works to suppress those thoughts and feelings and because of that, I'm willing to take the risk. I tend to believe that no matter what, we can all find the good and bad out of anything in life. It's up to each of us to determine what side we will see more and whether or not we feel like the pros outweigh the cons.

For you, it seems like you have chosen to focus on the negative and that you no longer wish to engage in smoking pot because you feel like the benefits no longer outweigh the detriments of smoking. As much as I would like to plead my case in regard to the positive aspects of it, it's not up to me what you choose to do with your life and hell, I can't say that marijuana will benefit your life as much as it does mine because I'm not you and I have not lived in your shoes.

Like you, I have also lost friends, possessions, and respect as a result of weed. But really, the way I see it, if someone is going to let a little bit of weed get in the way of a wonderful friendship, then perhaps those people aren't worth having in my life in the first place. And if someone is going to let weed be their excuse for committing a crime like breaking and entering and robbing me of my possessions, then they're the as****e; not me. No matter what you do in life, whether drugs are involved are not, some people are always going to find a way to justify behaving in a way that won't make sense to most reasonable people or in a way that will directly harm others. At least with the weed, I have been able to at least say "well, I guess that was more important to them than having me in their life". When people behave as such without any kind of motivating factor such as drugs, that's what really baffles and hurts me. For instance, I had a girlfriend of 3 years who really had reaffirmed my faith in friendships. All was going well; we lived in 2 apartments together, helped each other through many traumatic events, and had a genuinely loving and wonderful friendship. And then something snapped in her. She slept with my husband, she decided to move out of our shared apartment one day while I was at work and stole some of my things and cut the electricity off the next day without any kind of notice leaving me without any lights for 5 days until I could beg my grandfather to help me get the security deposit together in order to have them turned back on. If I had done something, or had there been something that had gone wrong, then perhaps I could have understood. But there was nothing; no sort of indication whatsoever that things would take the turn they did. And it hurt. It hurt me worse than any bong, $60, sack of weed I had been robbed of or lost, ever. My point is, people are going to be shitty whether the drugs are involved or not. And maybe you're better off without those friends if they are going to let something like weed get in the way.

I lost my husband to a heroin addiction. He didn't die, but I did lose his companionship and love. When he hurt me and did the things he did, of course I was crushed. But I also loved him enough to realize that he had a problem and that I wasn't going to let drugs get in the way of what we had. I tried and tried and tried to get him help, get him clean, and help him turn things around. Unfortunately, he didn't want that and he made the decision to make heroin more important to him than me. When I had finally exhausted my resources and abilities with him, I was able to see that. And I ended our relationship. I also have a best friend who has ripped me off for an odd $20 here and there who used to be a heroin addict. I could have said "you know what, it's not worth it anymore" but I loved him and I saw that what he was doing was not a normal part of his behavior; it was a direct result of his inability to control himself with the drugs. And because I knew that, I was able to forgive his actions and behaviors. Maybe you wronged your friends and your girlfriend, but if you have remorse and if you know that those behaviors were a result of you inability to control yourself, then if those people truly care for you, they should be able to forgive. It doesn't mean that you have to stop; it just means that you have to stop the behaviors that were causing you to harm others. You can enjoy yourself and still be a good friend and boyfriend.

I have also found myself having a hard time controlling my spending when it comes to drugs. Marijuana isn't the only thing I have done or continue to do. And sometimes, I make bad financial decisions regarding drugs. But I also realize that if it weren't weed or drugs, it would be something else. Addictive behavior is just part of who I am. It comes from both sides of my family. And I have to work very very hard to control it. I will play a video game I really enjoy for 48 hours straight, only stopping to use the bathroom or eat. When I got the first version of the Sims, I literally stayed on the computer for 72 hours straight. For me, my addictive behaviors will carry out in many different aspects of my life. I can't just like something...I either love it or hate it. And if I love something, then my reasoning will go right out the window. My point with all this is that if you find yourself acting this way with weed, then maybe you should also begin to scrutinize yourself in other aspects of your life as well because I don't think anyone that displays addictive behavior with drugs displays them with drugs alone. It carries over in other things. I have watched many a family member or friend quit drugs only to then begin spending their time or money obsessing over something else; shopping, plastic surgery, working out, etc. That goes back to what I said previously in regard to moderation. ANYTHING can be bad for us if we over-do it. We all have to find the happy medium of responsibility and personal enjoyment. And if we can find a way to channel those behaviors into something positive, then everyone benefits.

I didn't take what you had to say as an attack nor did I believe you to be naive. What I took from it was that maybe you were only familiar with your experiences with weed and that you weren't necessarily looking at it from points of views other than your own. And I cannot fault you for that. It's all that many of us can do. The only reason that I look at things from so many angles is because I have been chastised so many times in the past for only having seen things my way. Maybe it is true that no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to be the person you want to be as long as marijuana is a part of your life. But personally, I don't believe that to be the case. At least not for myself. I believe that it is entirely possible to integrate marijuana into my life and still accomplish the goals I want to. And regardless of its presence in my life or not, I will still treat people in a way that shows them that I love and respect them. For me, the single biggest factor in deciding whether or not something is able to be a part of my life is this; will I still be able to maintain the love and respect of those I care about, and will I still be able to accomplish the goals I have set for myself if this thing continues to be part of my life? And even with that in mind, there are still some things in my life that I know if I let myself slip up even a little bit, it is possible that that thing may begin to take a hold of me and start causing me to re-evaluate my behaviors and morals. Life video games. I still play and I still enjoy them a lot. But if I don't cut myself off after a certain point, I know that it won't be too long before I'm zombified in front of my TV or computer with a pile of empty food wrappers around me because I haven't done anything but play for the last 4 days.

I guess it all comes down to self control. If you can't control yourself with weed, then you're right, and you shouldn't do it. But just make sure that it's truly the addition of weed in your life and not just your own personal behaviors that are causing these negativities in your life. Sure, the shortness of breath is a direct cause of the smoking. But the things like irritability and doing things to cause riffs between yourself and your girlfriend or friends may not be. It may just be that, even subconsciously, you have decided that those people or things really aren't what YOU truly want in your life. Personally, my depression gets the better of me a lot of times when I really wish it wouldn't. When my mom tries to blame the fact that I smoke for some of the things that I do, I have to tell her that it isn't the weed making me do it; it's me, and it's me because of the way I feel inside. Sometimes, I just don't even feel like trying or that no matter how hard I do try, things won't be any different. I justify my laziness and apathy because the way I see it, I am already destined to fail. I get even more depressed when I begin to think about the fact that I didn't win the genetic lottery; that I was born to a poor family and that in order for me to ever gain the things that some people are just granted from birth, that I will have to work my entire life tirelessly and without any kind of deviation from my goals in order to achieve them. And yes, smoking weed is a form of escape for me sometimes. It allows me to put those feelings behind me and another quote from Katt is "weed puts that 'f**k It' in your system" and god, is that ever true for me. When I smoke, I calm down and I really begin to think of all the things that I DO have and what I am LUCKY to have and what so many others out there don't have. For some, my life may be enviable. And I forget that sometimes when I'm sober. For me, weed sometimes keeps things in perspective.

Anyhow, I feel like I've rambled on enough, haha, and I hope that some of what I've said makes sense. I do greatly appreciate your opinions and thoughts, even if they do differ from my own and I look forward to hearing what else you have to say in response. Looking over what I've written, I know there are some things that I could have elaborated a bit more on, but for right now at least, I think that's as in depth as I can go and perhaps in your response, you will point out some of the things that I may need to explain my views on further. For now though, I think that's good and I am going to roll up and enjoy some South Park ('XD')


Hello guys,

I have enjoyed marijuana and a few other drugs in my lifetime and therefore I feel I can contribute to your discussion, although it appeares to be a year old. (Hope you see this lol). I am 17 by the way, but I feel I am more mature than my peers and am able to relate to you guys if you're older, i forgot how old you guy said you were.

My marijuana started as a desperate plea for a cure for my depression because my anti-depressants were not helping at all. Also I'd be lieing if I said I was not curious by this mystical plant that everyone seems to endorse. However my early experiences were greeted with addiction. I began to smoke marijuana reguraly, perhaps way too much. Also my use was combined with an addiction to various pain-meds in my medicinal cabinet and obsessive drinking. My dose of pain-meds was increasing at alarming rates although I particualary did not seem concerned about this, and It didn't even phase me, I was actually pretty unaware of what I was actually doing. Also I combined it with use of marijuana drinking all at the same time on various occasions. Obvisously now I know that should never be done (oh how stupid I was). Drinking became regualar as well, perhaps everyday I drank, not to get drunk but just to drink to feel better. But mainly I felt marijuana was my drug of choice. I used it everyday, several times a day. Skipping classes, stay after school, not coming home, and often sneaking out to go smoke up, and smoking in my house. Often I'd smoke frequently and I didn't really enjoy anything unless I was high. It became a point where I craved weed all the time, and I hated my friends and family who often told me to stop and tried to prevent me from smoking, so I cut off a lot, if not all of my friends who didn't like my use. And family get togethers were filled with depression and anxiety, I hated my family. So I even started using a lot around my family and although they were oddly unaware as I often I felt way too high to be around them. My mother once said, "I think you're high all the time, I never know when you're sober." However my use rised and my drinking and pill taking subsided almost dissolved like nothing. I didn't even miss it or suffer any withdraw. However after awhile my use led me to be kicked out of school and in an alt ed program. There my use rised significantly and I smoked about 3 to 4 times the amount I normally do there. However there is where my life took a turn. While my use rised I also noticed my depression dissapeared, I mean I was always happy although I was always high, I contributed the sucess to marijuana. After realizing this, I decided my use wasn't really reflective of who I was. I was no longer a rebel, I was no longer sad, I no longer cared about anything really. I wanted to slow down my use because I finally came to the conclusion. I was a marijuana addict. Although slowing down was hard, most of my friends were hard users, although often I felt betrayal in telling them no. They were more than happy to save some weed. Also I spent way too much money on pot, I didn't want to use that much anymore, it wasn't enjoyable like before. So my use became only once or twice a week. Oh wow I completly forgot about ciggerettes, yeah I freaking smoked packs a day. I smoked way too much for my age. Although smoking helped not care about weed as much, and I helped show my friend that because I don't smoke weed as often I still smoke way more ciggerettes than they did, so I remained my bad ass image (a way to put it, call it whatever you want). So my use dissolved like nothing, I stopped smoking weed a lot and when I did I felt burnt out. However I smoked a lot more. And I craved ciggerettes way more, like all the time, I mean all the time, life was ciggerettes at this point. However there came a time when I want to quit ciggerettes. Now ciggerettes, that's a different story, like holy man it was so hard to quit. Like I'd spend days even thinking about quitting and then I'm like no, there's no way I can even do it and I quit quitting before I even start. But one day around Christmas after seeing my disgusting teeth, my time to quit came. I knew it was bad and wanted to quit but I never really cared until I realized I might get really ugly teeth like some of my smoking campinions. I became to cut down, gradually I cut down about by about 1 ciggerette every week (meaning every week, I'd cut out 1 ciggerette out of my daily routine). However by quitting smoking, I started to smoke more weed. However this time smokng more weed, I didn't feel like before. I wasn't craving the highs, I did it more for fun. And it helped me quit smoking, because one of the joys of smoking, was actually smoking. And smoking weed was as close as I can get (I can't imagine how nicorette would help, sh*t's just like smoking ciggerettes) to smoking. Eventually I got down to one ciggerette a day and then quit that habit, by the time I accumulated a daily marijuana habit, however it never bothered me, it didn't effect me like before, weed was fun, weed didn't make me stupid, I didn't feel like an addict, it was like I was reborn and experiencing weed for the first time. It's when it hit, an addiction has nothing to do with the drug (exception to physical addiction, that's obvisously to do with the drug, im talking about pchological addiction) it has to do with how you feel about the drug. Now weed was my friend, not my escape, we worked together as a team, and I can say it greatly improved my life. It was no longer a problem, not smoking didn't bother I can smoke for monthes and then stop for like a month to go on vacation overseas with my family. My family was enjoyable without weed, it was like totally different.

I can see no negative consequences of my marijuana use now. Only positives. My family doesn't complain anymore, in fact we don't even talk about it. Sometimes we do, but we just laugh and forget about it. My life is forever changed for the better. I am way happier and veiw everything in a new light. In fact I gained back some of my friends I cut out, in fact they don't even complain about my weed use anymore, they laugh along about it. Also I can say it helped me with other drugs, I've tried cocaine, exstacy, salvia and shrooms, and can say that definitly weed helps me control other drugs and helps me use them responcibly due to the insight this plant has given me. Now (unlike before) I am a marijauna advocate. I totally want everyone to take at least one hit in their lifetime, although now through research I supoort mainly use after 18 for new triers. I want it legalized now.

Currently I am on a 5 day hiatus to write exams and I feel no withdraw symptoms, it is my fourth day. In fact Im not even thinking about weed, I lied actually, I think about legalizing it, I use the free time im not smoking to look for way I can contribute to its legalization, like writing this. I find weed doesnt take up a lot of time and doesnt make me disfunctional. I use aproximently (sp?) once or twice a day. It helps me go to sleep and helps me do simple tasks like babysitting, cleaning, washing, etc. Also i use to enhance tv watching, video game playing, with friends socially, to listen to music. I also find showers are more enjoyable under the influence. But the point is although I use for these things, I do not need to, More often than not I use mainly recreational, and to help me relax, and many of the activites I do mentioned are often completed sober, but doing them stoned once in awhile offers a whole new experience and joy for these simple tasks. I can also say it helps me keep my job, i do not work stoned, but it motivates me to work and do good in school. Because of weed I have found joy in contributing to society and I want to share my discovery, by even telling people how to be more like me without even touching pot if they're so afraid of it.

Last thoughts: Legalize it. Make the world a better place for us all. Plus why should I be arrested for something I feel is the right thing to do. Prohibition has only made me hate and distrust the government, until it is legalized I am unsure that the government can be trusted or listened to at all. The answer for now is within it's people, and they say legalize it.


Kid. I'm a doctor and a thirty year user. Put your comments away. You don't have enough life knowledge to give advice or BS stories.  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed***



yeah man i made that all up, you can tell by how much detail i put in it. see the sarcasm?

Its pretty rude to shrug off insight, you seem like you can use some. Maybe you're not mature enough to realize, but one day you will. Just because you're older and say you're a doctor, it does not give proof of your wiseness. If it did, you wouldn't have responded the way you did.

As well, I think i shared 3 years worth of life knowledge. And I suppose your 30 year study of your use patterns has its own conclusions.

furthermore, my use has subsided more since i wrote this. I pretty much feel the same as i did. Marijuana is an exceptionally drug. Use with care, it has many positive qualities.I think my experience confirms this, and your comments cant take that away. The ability to use at a comfortable level is what`s important. Although you`ll tell about how it effects the hippocampus, as it does. It effects you while you`re high, not while you`re not high. Despite what people tell you, you`re not high for days, the THC in your blood is a byproduct of the same name.

Have a good time older doctor user guy.


Gawd damn it, Wheezypig! I'm conflicted: I want to give you a hug, get you counselling, debate you and agree with you- all at the same time!!

Your post was posted over a year ago, so it's a possibility that you may not read this now.

I agree with you on many, many points, yet I can also see a lot of justification for your habit running through your words.

I'm not keen on the word 'addict' myself. To me, it portrays a person who simply can't get enough of their chosen stimuli. Marijuana 'addiction' is different- it's more of a dependency, than an addiction. And I agree- most of it IS psychological.
However, I stress- most of it. Exposing the body to quantities of any kind of drug, over a pro-longed period of time- whether it be weed, painkillers, heroin or something simple, like the contraceptive pill or St John's Wart- causes changes in body chemicals & neurotransmitters. This in turn causes changes in how the body responds to internal and external events.
Weed (or at least the THC & CNB) causes changes in the production of dopamine and serotonin. Both neurotransmitters play a part in sleep, appertite, mood, energy & memory. Quitting after years of smoking can and most likely will have a degree of physical effects. A lot of people find themselves constipated, sweating more than they did before and experiencing moments of a rapid heart beat.

While studies in to the effects of weed are thin on the ground, they're not completely non-existent. Since around 2000, there have been a number of studies in Australian and Swiss clinics and there is quite a bit of evidence to suggest that long-term use of cannabis can exasperate mental health problems. Long-term use has been correlated to social anxiety, paranoia disorders and schizophrenia, and using it is a double-edged sword.

I'm not anti-weed. I'm sitting here with a bifta burning now and it's been my 'dependency' for the past *cough* 25 years.
I've also used your lines and every other smokers lines of "It's no worse than booze, shopping, blah-blah-blah", "I have an addictive personality" and (my favourite- the whole speech) "But I've achieved something in my life WHILE smoking it! I'm a brilliant parent, put myself through college, university and got the job of my dreams....Not in debt & don't beg, steal or borrow to fund my habit and I don't let it affect any other part of my life....."
Yeah- right!
The fact that we don't let it spiral out of control and don't succumb to the toast-munching typical stoner is because we want to be able to keep justifying it. We need to tell ourselves that what we are doing is ok- it's no worse than what anyone else is doing.
And we always portray ourselves to be so sorted.
I enjoy the view from my pedastal sometimes, because again, it allows me to justify my habit.

Nevertheless, it's a delusion.
It's not worse than booze- I WILL certainly support this point. Alcohol is one of the worst things anyone can be dependent on and I could be here all night listing the reasons why, but will save it.
Yet the second one....I have an addictive personality.
I've used this excuse for a few flaws of behaviour in the past, but it's a handful of salty balls.
Personality is mutable: it changes with age and experience (the core trait theory- Eysenck, 1960's- has recieved a lot of modification since he first proposed it). Addiction- or addictive behaviour- is the consequence of a habit. Age and experience change habits- sometimes rapidly and easily, sometimes after years and years of trying. Pro-longed habits are usually kept or omitted due to the consistant consequence of it. At first, the consequences are positive- that's what forms the habit- yet after learning more or experiencing negative effects more often than the positive effects; perception of the habit can change and it can be broken with little transferal over to another habit.

The problem with breaking a weed habit, is that the smoker will always justify the negative effects. It becomes almost second nature to compare and contrast those who are doing worse. Alcoholics do it too.
Add that to the reason of why they started smoking it in the first place and you have a hot-pot of issues to deal with breaking a regular weed habit!

I absolutely understand about the depression and please don't think I'm patronising you. It was the reason I started smoking regularly (as an adult). I smoked it as a teenager, but (and I have to stress this!) it was after I had started experiencing mental health problems and it wasn't on a regular basis. As a teenager, it was peer pressure that encouraged to smoke it, yet I was already suffering with social anxiety and depression (I had a very troubled childhood!).

As an adult, I had been on a variety of legal medication and all left me with very bad side effects. The weed was the only thing that worked and I didn't let go of it.
To me, I justified it as 'self-medicating'.
I've had periods of time (a few months) without it and after the initial physical system shock, I'm absolutely fine. However, it has always been an emotional issue that has driven me back. In the past 5 years, I've managed weeks without it, but not months.
I've tried different 'cold-turkey' strategies and none work long-term, so have had to content myself with weaning off of it.
I'm on week 3 of half of my usually weekly toke material.

Now please read the following bit- even if it does sound slightly patronising. I don't mean it that way, but can understand how it could be taken.....
You are 22 and from someone who would love to be 22 again, I can tell you that one day, you will wonder what the benefits of weed are. It offers an escape- another voice in your head to chase away the nasty ones, but you have to consider who you are scared of becoming, if you stop smoking it.
I've got to that point. I know who I'm scared of becoming; the person who lived inside of me before I started smoking. The mental case that would get angry and want to hang herself if she couldn't find the remote control; the sensation-seeker who slept around and liked getting pissed; the opinionated biatch that could start an argument with a dirty plate....I hated her- she was so bi-polar!
However, she was lively- could speak to anyone, even if it was to have a debate or tell them to piss-off. The depression was after a high- a high I absolutely loved, because it would mean nights of writing poetry and furniture rearrangment.

Over the years, weed- or at least, my abuse of weed- has caused me a number of problems. For years, it appeared to settle the panic attacks I used to experience in times of depression. Yet after a number of years, it has had the opposite effect. In contrast to how I used to experience panic attacks (physical effects then the mental effects- looming maladaptive thoughts, mind blank, etc), I now experience mind-blank, which subsequently brings on a panic attack.

I've also lost friendships in my time of smoking- although, not because they didn't agree with my habit, even though most of my friends are not smokers.
It definitely effects new friendships, which I avoid making. The reason I avoid new friendships is because of how they will percieve my habit- after all, it's an illegal activity and changes the persons perceptions and behaviour (if it didn't- why would we smoke it?). In many respects, it's like finding out someone is an alcoholic.
I'm also ashamed of it. I hate that someone might smell it on me (even after the ton of body spray) and instantly assume I'm a monger. I have a child and a good career- I live a respectable life- yet assumptions will always be made.

I don't believe in the addictive personality. Any habit can be broken because the tie to the addiction is mostly in the mind. The mind-body connection is not debatable- even in materialism- and it has many facets. One can't deny that any mental habit will result in a physical dependency and to avoid the negative physical and mental effects of giving up a habit, we have to justify it and reason with it.

My constant question to myself is "Why do I have to depend on anything?" I'm a psychological researcher and tutor, and my areas are scientific research methods, social and comparative psychology (more specifically, attachment, mental health and interpersonal communication).
Humans 'depend' on a lot of things that are unnecessary- and often detrimental- to their well-being. Weed is one of them. If someone is using it to escape, there are always methods that don't ultimately give them a higher risk of mental health problems, a higher risk of lung cancer (through unfiltered tabacco, if toking biftas) and the risk of prosecution.

I'm giving up- there's no doubt about it. I have a birthday in 6 months time and I hope to not be smoking permanently by then.
I had issues: issues I tried to medicate in a number of ways and I found my favourite in weed. Mary-Jane was my best friend and confidant, yet she has out-lived her uses and instead become my enemy.

The other day, I broke a new 'rule'; not to smoke before I went out anywhere. I had a couple of tokes on a b and left the rest for when I got home. I'm an experienced smoker- 2 tokes is not enough to make me feel any actual high or change in my behaviour. It was an unexpected trip out to meet a collegue and talk about a project we're both working on and in the middle of the conversation, I had a mind-blank and couldn't even recall the project we were working on. Furthermore, my reactions to situations are getting slower. This is getting more and more frequent when I smoke, and it's having an effect on my interactions with people.
I'm not in denial- I know the habit is having a lot of negative effects, not just with my memory, but in my social behaviour. I'm not pro-active when it comes to friends- I don't contact them, they contact me and I'll only pick up if I feel like it. Most of the time, I don't because I'm too fixated with my own stoned world of cleaning, writing and lecture notes/emails/music.
A stoned world is a very solitary world and despite wanting to be dissmissive about relationships and friendships, humans are social animals and need each other. We take the sh*t of friends, because there can be benefits to them too. I've got to the point now, where I've 'not bothered' with so many people that they've disappeared and it's a shame.
Mary-Jane has isolated me and made me hers.

My biggest problem with completely stopping is focus and attention. I can't sit still for more than 5 minutes when I'm sober, and my perception of time is different. Time tends to go faster and I spend a lot of time doing nothing, yet feeling restless.

Anyway, I hope I have given your mind something to chew on while you have a pull.....


marijuana isnt for the weak of mind who can become succumbed by anything. One must be above it. Use marijuana dont be used by marijuana.



I'm really not trying to be rude but I really don't understand how marijuana illegalization would make you not trust the government.  It's not the war we are still in, it's not the health care reform, it's not the years of prejudice and oppression, it's not that we are still in a recession but it is this plant that makes you not trust them. When someone puts marijuana legalization over a war where people are still dying over I question there level of addiction to the plant. Also opium, meth, cocaine, prescription medication and alcohol makes you feel good but they are illegal for a reason; because they can actually harm you. And before someone rants saying it is a miracle plants please read some actual science journal articles and see that at best it is only good for pain. And until something solid comes out of research I don't really see why it should be legalized outside of being for people who are chronically in pain or something. Anyone who smokes the stuff and can forget about all of the world's problems and only focus on that one substance is just weak minded to me.




Dude, i quit like 3 weeks ago for a job and its not hard at all. Mind over matter bro, its a mental addiction not physical thus you have to tell yourself your better off without. Quit complaining and smoke some weed.