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Hello, I am really concerned about my husband. Last Sunday he had an anxiety attack, and boy was I scared. When I saw him in bed, it was as if he was gone, luckily he awoke within 5 seconds or so. Anyhow, he was rushed to the hospital by emergency and they kept him for 5hours or so. They did some tests on him and they told him he was good to go. Okay, that is now my worry, my worry is that he just got a call from the hospital, regarding his xrays that they did, the doctor there told him that he needs to get a chest xray done and an ultrasound for his intestines. The doctor told him that he had a bubble in the heart/chest area, my concern is how serious is this problem? is it fixable and do I need to worry alot. The ambulance had said that it was just an anxiety attack and even the hospital said that to us before they let him go. Please can someone let me know what that means?

thanks 8-|


An air bubble in the heart/chest area sure sounds like pneumothorax. The air sacs near the surface of the lungs can spontaneously rupture allowing air to escape into the chest cavity. This can cause pain and discomfort until the escaped air is absorbed back into the body. However, a balloon in the heart/chest area or abdominal area due to an aortic aneurysm is much more serious, and needs to be treated as soon as possible. I wish your husband the best of luck