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Last Friday I woke up having extreme nausea. I wasn’t able to eat a lot from Friday to Sunday because as soon as I ate something I would get nausea. I was feeling better on Monday, but on Tuesday all of a sudden I felt a severe stomach pain, loose stool (not diarrhea like loose pieces) and also nausea once again. The pain got worse on Wednesday and I went to my family doctor on Thursday. He gave me a urine and couple of blood tests which came back normal. From yesterday I don’t have the stomach pain anymore (I only feel a little pain as soon as I wake up) but I still feel nausea. Like I haven’t been able to eat a lot because of this. The doctor gave me this pill to take for a month and he said this balances the acid in your stomach but it hasn’t helped with nausea.

I just went to check my weight and realized that I have lost about 1.5 pounds in the past week. I suffer from anxiety and also health anxiety and this losing weight is kind of freaking me out. I just think I might have this serious disease or something because im losing weight. But at the same time the blood and urine test was normal and I got checked up by my doctor.

Is this something I should be worried about and also is it okay to lose like about 2 pounds in a week. It kind of makes sense because I haven’t had a lot to eat in the past few days and I have most my time behind the computer. So I don’t exercise or anything..


Your stomach pain, loose stool, and nausea may be signs of food poisoning. Regular physical exercise can help with your anxiety. Losing 1.5lb in a week may not be a concern as the weight loss may be water weight due to different degree of hydration. It can be a concern, however, if you continue to lose weight week after week.