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This morning I woke up and found that, because of a sore spot between my buttocks, it was painful to walk. I only ever feel it when walking (possibly because it's rubbing against my leg/buttocks?) and when I'm taking a shower. I've never had this before, and I was completely fine last night. The skin in that spot feels very slightly 'lumpy' or rough, and it's obviously sore - is it warts, fungus, something completely normal, just raw skin, or what?

I'm 14, if that'll help at all.

So, I'm just wondering - should I ask my parents about it, or will it just go away on it's own? It would be slightly embarrassing, but I want to make sure I stop it now before it develops into a problem (if it is a problem at all, that is).

I really can't think of anything else to add, but if there is any information I'm leaving out , just ask.



Hi! I'm not a doctor but it could be a pilonidal cyst. That's a cyst or abscess near or on the natal cleft of the buttocks that often contains hair and skin debris. One proposed cause of pilonidal cysts is ingrown hair. Excessive sitting is thought to predispose people to the condition because they increase pressure on the coccyx region. Trauma is not believed to cause a pilonidal cyst; however, such an event may result in inflammation of an existing cyst. However there are cases where this can occur months after a localized injury to the area. Some researchers have proposed that pilonidal cysts may be the result of a congenital pilonidal dimple. Excessive sweating can also contribute to the cause of a pilonidal cyst. You should talk to your parents about it.