Hi, Im Vipin from India(Age 20 ,average body type).Im narrating my true life war against pimples. When i was 15-16 i started having pimples as most of teen have and due to mu creativity i started poping them out.My father many time warned me not to touch my hand on face but i thought he is old man.By 17 things got worst i started taking medicne even natural medicne , i always washed my face 2 times with a gentle fash wash and used some moisturizer but nothing worked out for me. I was losing my confidence in me,I had a white skin and due to pimples it always looks like red skin.I had tried many fash wash,medicine,etc.. for 3 years but nothing worked for me. As a result i stoped using everything in the last week.I was really suprised with the result ,my redspot was reduced by 70% and i had only dried pimples and i was able to feel my new skin. I think we have a great natural system and we inbalance it with fash wash,medicne,etc..due to that we have pimples.My own body have removed my blind trust on doctors.I think doctors which gave medicne for pimples are only money makers because pimples are not a serious health diease and without telling you main cause of pimples they give long medicine bills.