My PR herald patch began near my tailbone a few weeks ago. I ignored it, thinking it was just dry skin. After 2 weeks I randomly woke up covered in red bumps. I thought it might have been an allergic reaction to soap or something like that, but it began to spread and the bumps covered my entire torso, upper arms, back, between my legs, and upper thighs. At that point it was moderately itchy.

Health care is extremely limited for me because I live in a remote region. Our only medical facility is not taking new patients, so all I had was Urgent Care. A doctor looked at it, said it was PR, gave me a prescription for antihistamines and quickly moved me out the door.

Two days later, the bumps became a horrible measles-like red rash. It moved up my neck, onto my scalp and temples. The itching became unbearable. I cried myself to sleep (still am crying myself to sleep). Yesterday, after two weeks of unbearable itching (and a prescription for an antihistamine that doesn't seem to do anything), I was desperate. I left work early (I don't think my manager cared, I look like a leper) and went to a tanning salon. I told the staff there I had "eczema." I tanned for 5 minutes.

Then the worst thing happened. That night at my second job in a restaurant, wearing scarves around my neck to hide the rash from patrons, I was overcome by such horrible burning and itching that I excused myself to the restroom. The skin on my abdomen was peeling off, and in the spots near my bra the skin was breaking open and bleeding. I left without telling anyone, probably will get fired as we had a full dining room and a wait list for tables, but I couldn't bear it.

I called in to work today because of the pain. So far the ONLY things that have relieved my itching, albeit for only a few hours are 1) oatmeal baths and 2) gold bond anti-itch lotion. The gold bond lotion, however, causes intense burning for about 5 minutes until my skin goes numb.

My only recommendation is, if you can see a doctor, demand some sort of steroid medication to deal with the rash. I am in so much pain right now, my skin so red and angry, I am not sure what to do. Tomorrow I will probably drive the hour or more to the next available medical facility. Maybe they are taking new patients. Everything I have found on the disease says it is "minor" and "rare for increased itching/usually not on the face/neck" but obviously that is not the case as my skin in peeling off and bleeding in places. I can't even do the things I enjoy, like running or skiing, because overheating makes the rash redder and itchier. I can't possibly live like this for another two months!